Friday, June 19, 2009

What would you do?

I was pretty disgruntled when facebook told me I was meant to be a "big-firm lackey", but it did make me think about what I'd want to do if I didn't do what I do do! Then I read about Heather's new job, and saw Salty's post, so I made a wee list.

If money (and time) was no issue, what would I do?

• train all day long
• practice law part time
• teach law, probably to non-lawyers
• study race relations
• make fabulous recipes
• do more to help women and children
• be a stay at home mum
• travel
• write
• be an awesome advocate for sustainable transport

So, what would you do?


Britt said...

Travel the world
Do my Masters
Buy a house (or several)
Teach Dental Hygiene

:) Now I'm going to daydream of a day when I'm not going to be poor! :P

SUB6 said...

I'd love to 'drop out' and be totally self sufficient in power/food etc ... although I'd still like money in the bank to buy triathlon bikes/gear and have time to train. Bit of training, bit of tending to the vegetable patch, bake some bread, install some solar panels, take a walk along the beach, maybe a swim in the evening ... yeah I could live like that. Obviously Jo would divorce me ... so that's a win-win ;)

Pip said...

Do a wine making degree and move to Bannockburn (where I'd build an off-grid house and spend a heap of time running the trails)
Move to India and do a heap of yoga for a year or so
Volunteer full time at the Karori Sanctuary
Read - a lot.