Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly rundown

I reorganised my week to make Monday a rest day. After a low key but exhausting weekend and Simon and Garfunkel on Sunday night, I needed some chillaxing time (well, I think in the end it was "working late" time). Got home from work and made a delicious Israeli couscous salad, and also whipped up some prune and chocolate "grab and go" breakfast bars- yum!

On Tuesday it was time to get back into it. I started on the wrong foot by sleeping in, taking forever to drink my morning coffee (it's very important befre a run!), and then had to squeeze in the run at about 7pm. It's a lesson you'd think I'd know by now! The run was aerobic intervals, so doing it along the waterfront was great, and although it was cold it was lovely out. I ran my intervals at "not quite easy", which was about 5:30/k, but I think I was supposed to do them at "quite hard" (half-m pace), which I hope is faster. I remember the days when "not quite easy" was in the 4:xx zone...I got home and made a huge pot of pasta sauce, as well as some date scones from Healthy Food Guide. I really can't recommend that magazine (or the site) enough!

Wednesday swim squad was great- see below. I had my photo course after work, so no exciting domestic goddesstry!

Thursday morning was a decent brick- my normal morning strength workout on the trainer (the one with the hellacious 8-minute standing intervals), following by a ten minute run around the (short) block. The run was great- even just for ten minutes! The uphills were easy, coming off the bike, and I was well warmed up, so didn't mind the crisp morning air. As I came down Franklin at the end, I could see a band of orange in the north. Gorgeous!

More swim squad on Friday. Nothing exciting- a good 3k workout though. I had a 20 minute run scheduled for after work. Sadly, I ended up engrossed in some law (yes! this happens sometimes...) and having to do it at about 7, while Phil arrived up from Cambridge and started the moussaka (another HFG recipe).

On Saturday morning, I decided it would be fun to explore a little further afield, so I calculated a route to Mt Eden, and planned to meet Phil at Circus Circus for breakfast. I ended up getting a little lost (New North Rd confused me), and taking a slightly longer route, so didn't get to run up the mountain, but still had a good, solid run and felt I deserved my share of the banana bread with almond mascarpone ;)

As usual, Sunday was long ride day. Phil wanted to check out a cycle shop in Kohimarama, so we decided to meet there- which basically meant riding around the bays and then finding a way to mosey around on the bike for the remaining 2 hours! So that's what I did. I'm not quite sure where exactly I went- I wish I'd used the GPS, as checking out this map would be hilarious!

Basically though, I rode up into Glendowie, pottered around there until I'd had enough, then headed out along St H's Bay Rd towards Glen Innes. I conquered the roundabouts in Panmure, and rode a bit around Mt Wellington, before having my grab and go bar at the Port Englad reserve. From there I followed some signs to the Tamaki campus, and then tried to find my way to Remuera. Turned left at Ladies Mile (I think) and headed back, with only half an hour or so left (but I was only maybe 10 mins from Kohi...), headed back along to Glendowie, got myself a little lost, and ended up at 2:35 calling Phil to get him to meet me at Glover Park instead of Kohi! I had heaps of fun just going wherever I felt like going, and starting to get a better sense of some different places. Still- I can't wait until the boy's back up and running!

Off to Wgtn this evening for work. Definitely excited- just hope I've packed enough warm things!


Aaron said...

Agree with you on HFG, its very good. Haven't checked out their website (yet)

Recommend the run up Mt Eden, as the road tracks around the hill its more a long climb rather than a steep one. Great view at the top.

You are braver than me taking on the Panmure roundabout on a bike. Madness.

Westy said...

Nice work Kate, keep it up...
And yes I agree with the coffee thing... nothing can start until this has been sunk...
Have fun at the duathlon.

SUB6 said...

What photo course you doing? Sounds like fun :)