Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making baking!

We had a very successful baking weekend. Well, I had a very successful baking weekend, which meant we had a very enjoyable eating weekend!

The first success was the "healthy" Sticky Date Puddings from Healthy Food Guide.

The recipe was pretty easy, and miraculously the mixture worked out perfectly for 12 muffins- just like it was supposed to (does anyone else find that quantities never quite seem to work out?). We had one each and froze the rest, and they were great heated up again on Saturday (ok.. and Sunday).

230 calories is more than I generally aim to eat for "dessert"- especially when you just have to add ice-cream - but these preciouses, served with a smidge of Tip Top's Gingerbread Ice-Cream were worth every calorie! I'll definitely consider making these for a dinner party or to take to a potluck.

The second success was a banana, date and walnut loaf. I love banana bread, but was actually googling for a good date loaf recipe when I stumbled across this one. Again, the recipe was mad-easy, and I whipped this up pretty quickly on Saturday before we took off for our quick brick. I spent most of the workout looking forward to my post-workout snack! It's high energy (by my calculation the entire loaf is around 2700 calories, though we've chopped it into lots of pieces), but very satisfying and very low fat- I much prefer having a slice of this in my lunchbox to having a boring old muesli bar!


Rachel said...

You're so healthy! I LOVE chocolate. I'm obsessed. If I was 230 calories or under, I'd be super stoked!

Aaron said...

Both sound suitably yum. The fact these are from HFG should assuage any feelings of calorie guilt.

We have the quantity measuring issues at our house during baking weekends. My wife said it was a guy thing but now I'm not so sure.