Friday, June 12, 2009

Glorious food

A couple of weeks ago, I reached my “no more” point.

No more eating treating a 70% as a “good” day.
No more atrocious weekends (plain old bad weekends are still ok…)
No more guzzling cheese and crackers while making dinner.
No more treating desserts as essential.

It’s time to listen to Sesame Street, and remember that “cookies are a sometimes food”.

I haven’t gone from 70% to 100% in two weeks- nothing like it. But I feel like I’m lifting my average weekday to an 80, even an 85%, and we’re working (slooowly) on the weekends too. I’m trying to get to the point where this is life, not diet. I’ve been putting a bit more effort into cooking something “proper”, though that hasn’t always succeeded, and I’m trying to lift the quality of my convenience food. I’m eating less meat, more veges, more pulses. I’m trying new things, so that every meal is exciting. I’ve having great fun with breakfast and baking more of my own workout food.

I've had some wonderful meals since I started being more careful, some new, and some old favourites. The roast pumpkin penne last week was just divine, and I spent all of the next day looking forward to leftovers for lunch. Porridge with almond butter, agave syrup and chopped dates was a perfect indulgent post-ride breakfast yesterday, and kept me going until at least 11. And dates with almond butter? Really are like "healthy" snickers. Yum!


Britt said...

Good for you! I'm trying to do this too, and sometimes it's definitely harder than I anticipated. One step at a time!

SUB6 said...

I keep meaning to check out almond butter. Sposed to be really good for you.

Elina said...

I think cooking proper meals that you're exciting about is key to staying healthy and eating cleaner. That's what really works for me. I hate when I'm too busy to plan and end up eating random boring food in an attempt to stay healthy. Usually leads to trouble.