Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weekly rundown: 25/5

An OK week. Would have been good/solid if we hadn't so utterly stuffed our Sunday plans. Time to stop stewing on it and start running though!

M- Long swim (3500m). Great swim (despite the annoying breaches of swim-squad etiquette)

T- 45 minute run. Went up Franklin Rd, down Curran Street and back around the Marina. At least I think that's what I did...?

W- Planned rest, and photo school in the evening.

T- 60 minute Strength set on the trainer. The 8 minute standing intervals were my best yet!

F- Speedwork (swim). Workout was 2900m in total, with 1000 w/up, 3 x 100 sprint, 8 x 100 medley, and an 800m ladder to wind down. My 100s were OK- 1:35, 1:37, 1:35. I'd like to go faster, and think I should be able to- I didn't feel even remotely puffed.

S- 45k ride in Maraetai (where the Akl half IM course goes). Mostly ok, but a serious fade at the end when I ran out of water and enthusiasm.

S- We had my "free" day on Sunday so Phil could ride with me on Monday. We'd planned an awesome trail run and a walk, but ended up having to go to Manukau again, then we couldn't find the trails we wanted out around Woodhill. We ended up heading to Muriwai out for a run, but we weren't dressed well, and it was absolutely freezing. Phil was too cold, so I gave him my jumper and we headed back.

M-A lovely ride to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Just up to Titirangi, as I only had 90 mins planned, and Phil's recovering and just getting back into things. I felt really good on the hills- I'm still slow, but I'm getting better. The first bit of the descent wasn't particularly comfortable- bumpy, freezing cold, and couldn't see a thing with the sun in my eyes- but the rest of the way back was awwwwesome.

By the way, this coming weekend (Sunday?) I'm going to be riding the Rotovegas half course while Phil's learning to MTB. Any takers?


Pip said...

Oooh, I'd so be in Rotorua on Sunday, but I have tickets to a gig at Sandwiches on Saturday night. Sigh ....

I'm so envious of all your riding. I don't think I'll get out on the bike at all this winter with the way Wellington weather is going.

And yep, up Franklin, down Curran and around the marina sounds about right. That's a great route!

Britt said...

What a great swim! Woohoo! Sounds like another great week for you :) Keep it up girlie!