Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dear Running...

I want to start this letter by telling you that I will always love you, Running. You made me the person I am today, gave me faith in myself, taught me to surprise myself. You taught me to work and, more importantly, you taught me consistency. Because of you I am strong. I believe in myself. I take care of myself. And I will always remember when we met. Getting to know you better every run- going further, faster, stronger. The pure elation of crossing my first finish line.

But lately, Running, things haven't been so good. We went too far, too fast. That chemistry that we had in the beginning? It's just not there any more. So we're taking a break. We tried to ease off a few times, just chill out, but now we're seeing other people. And I'm finding that Swimming and Cycling make me feel like you did in the beginning. Young, strong, alive- instead of old, slow and frustrated. I used to spot potential running routes in new places. Now I think of the places I want to take my bike.

But you'll always be in my life. Right now we're just acquaitances. I realise that I need you, and reluctantly, I stick with you- when I have to. But when I see you, I can't find the old you, or the old me. It just doesn't click. I hope that soon we'll get over the fear, the hurt, the nerves and be friends again. I hope that one day we'll be back to where we used to be- only stronger. But one thing I know running- you'll never be the only one for me again.

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JohnnyTri said...

ahh, poor running.. :(
I know you two will be back together again in the future..