Monday, September 11, 2006

Imagine seeing for the first time...

First, a big shout out to TriSaratops, Wil, Pharmie and everyone else who was out on the Ironman course today, and also to E-speed for an awesome PR. I managed to track a little (a little too much, actually) of IM MOO at work, and even from the other side of the world, watching the results slowly coming through on a computer and reading online updates, it was amazing. Now for the rest of my post...

I'm ashamed to admit how long I had my last pair of goggles. Largely because I don't even know! But I've been meaning to replace them for awhile. The nose part has been getting more and more uncomfortable, and the leaking was starting to actually drive me bananas. So yesterday I finally got new goggles (it was a bit of a retail therapy day! More on other purchases soon!). Was at the pool for about 1:45. P plays handball on Sundays, so that's my dedicated pool time now. My sisters joined me for awhile, did some laps and then some aquajogging and pool running. It was a pretty easy workout, but I think I would have still swum about 2k all up. I'm ok with that. Hopefully I'll get my sisters to come along for the second half most weeks… I've also found out that I can get some group stroke correction lessons for cheaper than I thought, so hopefully I can do those soon! Once I've got through them I hope I'll have the guts to go along to Masters- they meet on Sundays (as well as Saturdays and Wednesdays), so it's perfect for me.

Saturday was a day of firsts. It was the first time I had ever ridden over about 35k (and 40k, 50k and 60k). I did just under 70 all up, with a couple of short climbs, a couple of longer, steeper climbs and a 5k gradual climb. Finishing unfortunately on about 4k of steep climbing. 70k's not much, but it was more than I'd done before, and I'm happy with it. It was also the first time I had ever ridden over 34km/h on a "real" flat (not coming off a downhill) and over 43km/h downhill (those speeds are a bit embarrassing, but remember, the bike ain't exactly a speed machine). I'm very very timid going downhill, but I was much gutsier this time, and I'm really proud of that! The long, slow downhill gave me a good chance to get my speed up a bit as the downhills around home are steep, narrow, and windy. I came home hours after leaving feeling pretty wiped, with some soreness in the knees, and it took awhile to remember how great I felt during the first three quarters of the ride. Hydration was defiitely a problem. I just didn't drink enough, for whatever reason. Silly. Company would also have been nice. But I have two cyclists friends who are getting far more enthusiastic about riding with a cabbage like me now that I have…drumroll please…. A new bike!

Meet.... I haven't christened her yet, as I've been making up my mind about whether to buy her. But now she's mine, and she needs a name. Suggestions welcomed.My last bike was Mike, though I've been riding a loaner all year. Again, she's not exactly the flashest ride. But the expert buddies say I'm getting a good deal and I'm excited! My best friend has recently been selling off all her cycling stuff, and I'm the lucky beneficiary. I wish it was because she was upgrading, but alas, she's just not into it. I bought some cheap pedals, as I don't have shoes yet, but we need to switch the pedals over and pump the tires up properly before I can ride. I can't wait! We are off to visit P's parents this weekend, but hopefully I get to ride before. If not, we're back early on Sunday, so I'm planning a shortish (40k) ride, and a walk/jog/run over this trail I've been eyeing up.

Soo, training for next week is:

Monday- trainer/ run easy 40min evening + abs
Tuesday- UB weights- row 1600, weights, run 1600 (or Pump)
Wednesday- VO2 max/speed/tempo workout + abs / easy run
Thurs- LB weights- run 1600, weights, row 1600 (or Pump)
Fri- no am workout- fly to Cambridge (maybe 2 rest days)
Sat- run/ride with Phil
Sun- ride, 40k + walk, swim 1600m (pm)

In other news, I have made a resolution not to count or weigh until post-tri, at least. Having said that, I fully intend to shift these pounds. I am going to allow myself to track, but not to count. I'll post my workout plans and actuals, and maybe my food. I'll also try to be more detailed about how I'm feeling and sleeping. Focus is on healthy choices, healthy life. No more secretly eating Oreos, or marshmallows, or any of that crap.

Food for today:

1- porridge with protein powder, apricots, almonds, linseed. Skim milk. Plunger coffee
2- cruskits. Carrot w PB. Yogurt (strawberry custard flavour)
3- pizza pocket, salad w spinach, cucumber, tomato, lemon gelato
4- diet coke, mini wheats with milk
5- basil/ricotta ravioli w broccoli, green beans, tuna, pinenuts, olive oil, parmesan; salad (as above); bread
6- wee bit of dark choc (probably something post-run too)

Not a great day, but we'll get there! Right, off on my run!

Update: back from my run. It went well, though it's much colder than I'd realised! My feet were actually numb for the first 20-odd minutes. I felt slow, but not sluggish (though the big bowl of ravioli didn't help!) Measured my pace when I was on the flat for awhile, and I was around 8:40-8:50. Not wonderful, but OK. I stopped to walk the "big" hill home. I didn't want to, but the rational Kate beat out the other Kate. Overtraining is hard to deal with. I'm ashamed with myself for walking the hill, even though I know it was a rational decision, and that I could have done it (could have done it easily, in fact). I still feel like a copout. In fact, I'm ashamed that I was only running for about 30 minutes and not 50. I don't know if "ashamed" is the right word, but I'm sure some of you understand. Anyway, I ignored the evil voice of guilt and shame in my head and walked with pride.


JohnnyTri said...

Watching that over training is tough, your right. I have to watch that myself, U did good controlling yourself. Tighten up on that nutrition and you will see improved performance.
Keep it up! Good job..

E-Speed said...

hey congrats on the new bike and goggles! It is so fun to get new gear!

I don't watch my weight anymore, well I watch it but I try not to worry about it. When I started tri training in 04 I lost 25 pounds. I have gained about 15 of those back, and I know they are mostly muscle but it's still depressing to see the scale go up, so I try not to think about it!

Rest up so you can run up the hill next time you are out! I highly reccommend lots of sleep and chocolate milk :)

Steve S. said...

What a bike!!