Sunday, September 24, 2006

My PBs

5k 22:04 (Loaded Hog 5k- 15 November 2005)
10k 47:54 (Manuwatu Striders 10k 2007)
1/2m 1:42:35 (October 2005- it's recorded wrong on the site, as my chip didn't work over the start mat- gutted!)
Marathon: 3:58:50 (Auckland Marathon, October 28 2007)

Triathlon (sprints):
Best average swim leg: 1:54/100m
Best average bike leg: 29kph
Best average run leg: 7:59 (New Plymouth)

Training achievements:
Top running speed: 5:48/mile (400m speedwork)
Top flat cycle speed:
Top downhill speed: 48.5 km/h (can't remember)
Top trainer speed: 67.1km
Swim 25m: <19s (4/02/07)
Swim 33.33m: 32s
Swim 100 yd: 1:28 (flippers!)
Swim 100m: 1:40
Swim 1k: 19:53 (17/7/07)
Row 1m: 6:44 (21/10)
Run 1m: 6:27
Makara loop: 3:25 (21 HARD miles)

I hope to update both sections regularly!


toughcookie7 said...

Wow - you are SPEEDY!

Kate said...

Past tense- I was speedy! (and future- I WILL be speedy again. speediER even!)

Jessi said...

Hi Kate,

The best way to make a table is to cut and paste table code into your template.

And the best way to get table code is to steal it! No, really - right click on a table (you can use mine - I stole it frm Greyhound, who stole it from someone else) and choose "view source." And then sort through the html until you find words that are mentioned in the table. This will let you know you are looking at the table code.

I realize these aren't the most helpful instructions... I'm assuming you know a little bit about inserting code and editing your blogger template...

If you have any questions, just ask!