Sunday, September 03, 2006

Swimming again...

This morning I went for my swim before meeting C for a walk. C can't walk (bliswayter) so I am glad I got the swim in. I enjoyed the walk there and back too. Anyway, my first length (33 1/3 m pool) was 33! This is a huge improvement on the 37s and 38s I usually see. Admittedly, I didn't see 33 again. Breathing was hard, so I included lots of kicking and so on. I mostly managed to breathe on 4, but not always. I really need to get bilateral breathing down- my right arm does not come out high enough, and I think that's the main problem. Any good tips for drills? I also need new goggles.. And a pull buoy, as one of the pools I swim at doesn't have them.

I have decided to do my first tri on October 15th. It's a reverse sprint(ish), with an indoor swim (6 x 50). I'll practice swimming in the 50m pool the weekend before, or whenever I can fit it in. The run is only 4k, and even in the state I'm in, I should be able to start off in an ok position (and then watch as everyone passes me on the bike and in the pool!) At this stage, goal is 1:15... (4k run, 18k bike- I think- 300m swim)

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E-Speed said...

Oooh you're first tri will be on my Birthday! Fun stuff! Good luck!