Friday, September 08, 2006

Here comes the sun!

I am feeling all happy and life-loving this afternoon. For no real reason, except that I have everything to be grateful for and not much to regret. I've found my journey harder recently, but one of the things I'm feeling grateful for is the ability I have to overcome all obstacles (and that a few extra pounds and some training issues are the worst of my problems! Knock wood!). Also, it's been a great day and it's a Friday, and I spent half an hour this afternoon having a guilt free and absolutely delicious gelato from a café at the waterfront. I've just taken a picture of my view, and it really doesn't do today justice, so I'm going to leave it!

There are some big clouds over by the hills on the other side of the harbour, but it's been sunny for most of the day, and the sun's just starting to set now. The water is so so still, and there are a few small sailing boats and some kayaks out there. I'm so glad I had a bit of fresh air! My unpredictable week has ended, and our mega meeting this morning went well, so I'm feeling mostly on top of my job. I like this feeling. But wanna know something bad? I'm looking out at that view and my legs are twitching! I wanna run! (and I can't… not only would that interfere with my workout plan and be against all the rules, at least in week 1, but today is bar admission day and I have drinks starting in 5 minutes…)

Workout-wise, the week was a success. My harriers club exercise challenge goes from Sat-Fri, so I always get confused, as personally, I'm a Mon-Sun type. Either way, the work-week was a success. My swim this morning was nothing special. It was pretty crowded, I was nervous about getting to work on time, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a hot shower (there have been some major gas issues here recently, on which I cannot really say much). So just did 1000, as planned. I do not like the 33 pool- the 25 is far far better. Hopefully this means I won't be completely useless in a 50! In a 25, I love doing sets of 20- easy, but I get bored so much more quickly in the 33, and I still have to do 45 laps to get a decent workout it. Then again, the 33 I swim in is usually far busier, and more likely to be full of wave-making energetic swim squad teenagers. I am so envious of them- they seem less neurotic than the average teen, and they're so disciplined. I like the idea of my future kids swimming competitively. Though it is quite all-consuming. I don't want them to miss out on football (soccer) and cricket and tennis and rowing and track! (I will be such a bad mother, my poor will never have time for anything… Oh man.) Oops, random train of thought.

I'm not sure what this weekend holds. I was going to find myself a fun/creative brick, and I still might, but if it's like this on Sunday, definitely a long ride with 2-3k run… I'm doing some thinking/planning about getting myself back on track nutrition wise, without falling into bad (for me) habits, so will update on that when I get a moment.

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JohnnyTri said...

New Zealand itself has to be just beautiful, but picturing your description is mindblowing! What a great way to end the week.
Have fun this weekend and enjoy whatever you do and train.
I will be doing 5 mi run and some swimming as well. Its supposed to rain here so outside might not be as nice a NZ.
Great post.