Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just one of those (great!) days...

Yesterday was a GREAT day. It wasn't great workout wise (an average gym session, though better than last week's, and I had to miss the swim I was craving), and I ended up having waaaay too late a night (which messed up this morning's workout). It wasn't great workwise (I couldn't focus, and left at about 5:30, but am now snowed under and wishing I'd put an extra couple of hours in), and it wasn't great nutrition wise. But it was great, because I have great friends, a great boyfriend and I am really looking forward to a season of fun (and great) racing.

Anyway, we got home from work, and P said he had a present for me. It's a book on triathlon training, and I love it. I am actually finding that a lot of the knowledge floating round in my head is clicking into place- I'm really enjoying reading from cover to cover instead of just flicking between articles online and it really shows how supportive he is of me! We then went to visit the bike expert friends (B and J) who were going to change my pedals over and pump my tires up properly (we were having issues...) Left 3 hours later with my new bike fully serviced, with a pair of their *old* pedals on and a pair of B's shoes (hardly worn but traded in for a swish new pair). I'll be paying for the gear, and it is just secondhand, but I'm broke (yes, seriously. and not the kind of broke where you buy Jimmy Choos or spend all your money on cocktails... though I guess I'm also not living on two minute noodles and sharing a shoebox flat with 20 people broke), and investing in triathlon is expensive- even at this super low level. I don't know.. I just feel excited to have more of the stuff I need, and also to feel the support coming from the people around me.

This morning I played with my bike- rode a bit and practiced clipping and unclipping on the trainer. I did a little bit of stretching and ab work afterwards- I was SOOO tired. I need to be careful- I think I can handle one good workout week, but need to take it easier the next one- especially when (as recently) work is busy and/or stressful. I don't like this at all, but I may have to go "hard" (read- pretty darn easy)/"easy" (read- depressingly lazy) for the next wee while. Tomorrow I have to get to work early so I can leave by 7 to go to the opera with my sister and have Friday off. I will see how I feel when the alarm goes off- work out for half an hour maybe, or else just head in. Yuck.

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