Saturday, September 02, 2006

Improving again?

This week has had highs and lows. It's been a bit messy training/exercise-wise but I am happy to have done what I have, and I have also been slightly less obsessed than I am wont to be.

Went swimming on Thursday with two friends from work, and it was lots of fun. They're much better than me, but I'm ok with that. I had the worst (pretty much the only) foot cramps I've ever had, so didn't get many metres in, but enjoyed it. Took bike in for servicing, which meant riding it down the hill and then through 6pm traffic (just in the suburbs, but I am such a timid rider!). Managed to loosen up a little on some of the downhills- stopped braking. Timed a few 25s on Thursday (lanes too busy to guarantee solid 100s, or even 50s) and found that I was fairly consistently swimming 26-28, with a few 25s thrown in. This is good for me! I probably did only about 900m total, because of the feet.

Ended up swimming with sister (J) on Friday. She's a new swimmer, so we took a break and did some aqua jogging part way through. What a way to spend Friday evening. Anyway.. timed a few random 25s again and saw heaps of 24s!! Have never seen a 24 before (I've probably done it, but I only started timing recently). It feels great to be improving at something again. Next stop, 1:40 100s! I am looking forward to improving my cycling and my lifting again, and then improving my running again.
After the swim, we met up with P, S and F and got gourmet wraps (had pumpkin and cashew iskender- yu-u-my), then went home to play Cranium (one of P's bday presents, which we hadn't had a chance to play). It was a bit easy, but tons of fun. Felt a complete idiot when all of Austin Powers' catch phrases slipped out of my mind! But at least I seem to be a proficient playdough sculptor.. Did about 1k. Not much, but was trying not to count or care!

The one problem with the swim is that it seems to have re-activated my cold. Ended up pathetic and droopy on the couch at about 11. Embarrassed now. J came back just after they left to give me a present! Nothing super exciting, but it's a cute cuddle rug blanket thing- lime green polar fleece with geese printed on it. I love it, and I love that she bought it, and chose to give it to me. I forget that my little sister is a grown up now, and can take care of and inspire me.

Today was hard- the cold came back with a vengeance and I was pathetic again. P and I went to the book fair and the library, then drove out to Petone. Had a curry for lunch (pretty average, but definitely hit the spot..), and finally discovered La Bella Italia.. Can't wait to go back there to buy dinner party ingredients or have a nice meal. Even thinking next week, for our anniversary! P bought me a wooden Pinocchio eggcup- nothing like a spontaneous gift to lift your day :-) Coffee also helped to lift me up (who knew I was so dependent!!??!) and I was much chirpier by the time we got home. Picked up my bike and hunted round the bike shop. God I wish I had the funds to do this thing right! But easy does it... P is getting excited about mountain biking. I'll give it another go, and will work on my fear of the downhill! When P went out I rode the trainer while watching Friends (followed by Eight Simple Rules and That 70s Show- class...). It was fun to experiment with some intervals etc, and mixed some ab work into the work out. Man I'm porky! Must start doing core/ab work religiously again! Unfortunately, the bike computer can't be put onto the back wheel, so I have to keep myself honest. Something else to think about...

Another thing I'm thinking about is the Garmin 305. Not buying it, but asking everyone to contribute in lieu of Xmas/Bday.. Will keep chewing over that one.

Anyway- tragic as it is to ride, blog and do housework on a Saturday night, it's about the only chance I'll get and I have dishes overtaking the kitchen! Tomorrow I am meeting C for a long walk and will also be checking out her bike. I have a feeling the frame is too big for me :-( Am thinking about a swim beforehand (not meeting til 11) but we'll see.

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