Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tri training- week 1

This week- rule is no more than one workout per day. May add extra swims or do a couple of 5ks if I feel like it later on. Also, may add/switch yoga/pilates in there somewhere. Working on getting all areas in, and getting enough rest!

Monday- bike on trainer, abs
Tues- strength: UB (warm up run, seated row, dead lift, upright row, shoulder press, lat raises, hammer curls, tricep skullcrushers, rowing erg)
Weds(planned)- bike (15) run (15)
Thurs (planned)- strength: LB
Fri (planned)- morning swim (1k-1m, prolly)
Sat (planned)- brick 90 mins or so(TBD)
Sun (planned)- rest, maybe swim in the evening

P and I have coordinated our standard training plans- main focus is on mornings for me. Will try to keep away from the 2-a-days for the time being....

So far this week's workouts have been good. Cold's mostly gone- yay! I really liked riding the trainer in the dark with my ipod, and watching the sun rise (sort of.. watching it come up, anyway- we don't really see it from our place). I took it a bit too easy at the gym this morning. Weights were just too manageable. So yeah, things are picking up. Let's hope they keep picking, and don't go crashing again. Will start morning HR monitoring...I know I have to. It's just not what I feel like at 5:30 at the moment.


JohnnyTri said...

good job on planning your week. I have lifted weights for many years and its difficult to pull away and perform the swim, bike, run stuff. And even more difficult when I get to the gym and only have limited time to workout and train certain muscle groups. Either way just hang in there and we'll both Rockon`

Kate said...

Thanks :-) It's tough to balance it, but I'll get there! And hopefully I'll be getting back to "proper" workouts before too long!