Thursday, January 11, 2007

...but not a real cyclist.

As I posted earlier, P and I had arranged to ride long with a cyclist friend of ours (J) today. Perfect cycling weather- light breeze, clear sky, not too hot. Gorgeous. And what did I end up doing?

Riding inside and doing spinervals.

Yup- I'm insane. But my grazed knee is all pus-y and sore, I always get nervy and crash when I ride with J and I didn't want to be out all day when my house is a tip. Plus I had a run scheduled, and I'm meeting a friend at 4:30 for a sea swim, so I was likely to be pushing it a little after a 100k hilly ride. So I did 70 minutes or so of my base building compilation, which I loved! I also loved riding inside with my new computer- I could see the beautiful weather and look forward to getting out there on my run.

The run was hard. Crawled up the hill at the end, and averaged over 10 min/m with HR of 153. I am reminding myself that before my first half I had hardly run at all. I'll be able to get in shape by April 28- right?? please?

Now- to that housework!


Anonymous said...

You can do it! What was your heart rate during the housework? ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG... you are in fantastic shape. That is some serious training, I need to get that dedication back soon. :)

Sarah said...

Of course you can do it!! :)

Anonymous said...

April 28 is still almost four months away. You have PLENTY of time!

Steve S. said...

Pus-y knees are the worst. Gross.