Sunday, January 14, 2007

On my vacation I...

Cycled 223 km (including 50 km on the trainer), with the longest individual ride being 100km

Swam 16,600 m, including 4000 in open water

Spent 500 minutes running, with a longest run of 10.8 mi, and a longest hill of 2.5 mi.

The totals aren't particularly impressive, but I think I've balanced exercise, fun and relaxation this summer. It's amazing, though not surprising, how much easier training is on my body when I'm not working!

I'm not quite down to my pre-Xmas weight yet, but I am down within my "acceptable" range and given that I stopped recording at 132.4 in early December, I'm hardly suprised that I'm not quite there yet.

Back to work tomorrow, so today is a rest. I will finish tying up loose ends and get ready for the first week back. Early morning workouts, here comes Kate.


Ang said...

You are an exercise godness!

Anonymous said...

I think we weigh the exact same amount. :)

ps- summer? it's your summer in december? wow. that's a concept i'll be mulling over for a while. :) (just kidding, i'm not a total dolt..)

Anonymous said...

impressive vacation.