Monday, January 08, 2007


I am really pleased that through this blog I have able to show people of the other side of the world this amazing country I live in. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, but have never been "outdoorsy" and over the past few years as I have become more active (and also as I have grown up) I have definitely found a new level of appreciation for the different types of countryside I get exposed to here. I now understand why my parents' slide shows contained so many "boring" nature/scenery shots! On a good day, I can barely walk 100m without stopping to take a picture, and when I don't take my camera on a workout (i.e. most of the time...) I'm always wishing I had it!

However, New Zealand is not paradise. Not by a long shot, so while you should all come visit, come for breathtaking scenery, bungy-jumping and Ironman. Don't come to laze on the beach and soak up the sun :-) It does get warm, sometimes, in summer. But not super hot, in most places. And we're right under an ozone hole, so sunscreen is a MUST, even when it looks awful. And it doesn't get very cold in winter (in Wellington, at least). But there is nowhere here that's warm all year round, nowhere you can guarantee summer actually coming (the number of summer holidays I have spent shivering in tents listening to the rain..) Although in lots of cities it doesn't snow, it does get cold in winter. Cold rain. Cold cold winds. Cold hail. And in most places there's no fall to speak of, no real spring.. We came home from a part of the country with better weather than Wellington the other week to discover that while we were gone, the temperature in Wellington was 10 degrees C (50F). That ain't summer!

I'm not trying to run my city or my country down too much- just trying to project a more balanced picture. And I certainly haven't been trying to paint it as a tropical island when it's not- it's just that I'm hardly going to take photos of the crap days!


Anonymous said...

I kind of got the feeling from your posts that NZ wasn't warm and tropical all the time, if ever. It's just a little low on the horizon :-)

Steve S. said...

No, that ain't summer, but it IS great running weather!

Sarah said...

Sounds kind of like Vancouver! We do get spring and fall here, but sometimes in the summer it's bloody cold. And sometimes it's boiling. A bit unpredictable. The rest of Canada is totally different from Vancouver though, with much more extreme temperatures and weather conditions. I love running here for the most part, although I could do with a little less rain! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tasmania where my hubby is from. We're moving back soon!

I spent some time in New Zealand and it was wonderful. I went Zorbing and caving in Rotarua (sp?) a few years ago and drove to the Bay of Islands. Can't wait to go back!

Good luck with training. Glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi. Good luck in this first triathlon season!

Sounds like the perfect running temperature as long as you are wearing sunscreen and it isn't raining!

Rachel said...

Despite what you say, those are some gorgeous pics you showed us below!