Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time to step up...

I am officially in the land of marathon training now. With 15 weeks to go, I am not planning to break any land speed records, but if the difference between my first and second semi-official long runs is anything to go by, I will be able to go the distance Last week's 9-miles killed me, and although Friday's 10-miler (which ended up close to 11) was still pretty slow (over 10min/m.. not sure by how much), my average HR was 148, and I felt almost GOOD. If I am not feeling confident, the plan is to run it with my friend C. I think we'd enjoy sharing our first marathon, and it'll give me a taster, and take some of the pressure off.

So, here's my planned next two weeks of training. I'm taking my 10k pace as 5min/k (8min/m). I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I was running 6:50 pace fairly easily on the track last year, and my tri runs have mostly been around the 8min/m mark. I'm also starting with a PMP of 9:09. Ambitious, yes. But we'll see. If I miss pace on the next two long runs, I will change my "goal" to 4:30.

Monday- AM: Key run #1: 10 w/up, 12 x 400m, 90s RI, 10 cool down (gym to Frank Kitts, 6 x 2:00 efforts out, 6 back)
PM: long swim 3000m

Tuesday- AM: weights
PM: sea swim

Weds- AM: Key run #2: easy to Frank Kitts, 4m tempo (5:15/km), easy back
PM: bike workout (spin/trainer/outside)

Thurs- AM weights

Fri- AM: Key Run #3: 11mi, 9:55min/mi

Sat- sea swim (4 x fountain = 2800m), recovery/technique bike ride

Sun- rest

Week 16

Mon- Scorching tri (tri run = key run #2)

Tuesday- AM: weights
PM: Sea swim

Weds: AM key run #1 10-20 w/up, 6 x 800 (4:00m), 90 RI (t/mill)

Thurs: AM: yoga
PM: sea swim


Sat: 2.8k sea swim (race)

Sun: Key run #3 12mi, av 10:10 min/m


One more thing. I hereby promise to stop looking to the past and comparing myself to my old training buds or my former self. From now on, I measure my success by comparing my results to my FIRST guides, and by comparing my progress to the first official runs. It doesn't matter that less than a year ago I ran my first 20 miler over 1 min/m faster than I ran my 10-miler on Friday, or that my first half marathon took less time. Everyone who reads me knows I was fast once, and it's time for me to move on. Hi, I'm Kate and I'm slow.


Anonymous said...

Ten minute miles is pretty darn good in my book for a ten mile run. If you know you can do better, than go for it. Strive for it, but don't collapse and die if that isn't going to happen yet. You will achieve!

Anonymous said...

I feel a lot slower these days too, I don't know what it is! But you're definitely not slow! I can't wait to hear about the marathon. Wait, have you posted about which marathon you've chosen as "THE ONE"? :)