Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Spring- new life, new beginnings

Spring has well and truly arrived and I'm depressed?! I'm not going to let it get me down- this weather is here to be enjoyed. So- operation Happy Kate begins today. I'm not sure what it'll take, or what I can do. Last time I felt like this, I got out of my funk by going to the gym, and taking up running. But this time, running's not the answer- much as I wish it was. So, am going to try to exercise when I feel like it and do what I feel like doing. Biking, swimming, walking, running. I hope that I will be able to enjoy the track/summer season with Harriers, and that I'll be able to build up to the Rotorua Marathon next year. If not, ah well. I'll also hopefully do a standard distance over the summer. It'll be hard to not be a runner, but I will be a runner again (right??).
This week's focus- sleeping and healthy eating. Bed by ten, up to ride the trainer, swim or walk. Real food, less sugar, fewer "whites". No counting, no tracking, no weighing, no guilt. I'm also going to work on improving my work habits. I'm so much happier when I'm working hard and doing well. If my boss isn't going to be around as much, I'm going to need to feel confident in myself even without his encouragement and feedback.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A wonderful weekend, and I'm (possibly) back in business!

This will have to be quick- blogger/internet in general has been slooooow all night.
We spent the weekend (Thurs night to Sunday evening) in Canterbury (Christchurch and Methven). We spent Thursday and Friday with Mum and F in Chch, then drove down to Methven (a skiing town about an hour away) with some friends for A&J's wedding on Saturday. The weather was perfect all weekend. On Friday we mooched. Walked into the mall and read tons. Such a nice change of pace- and I did it all with virtually no guilt! We had schnitzel for dinner (so delicious and so so bad for me...) and then went into town to hit the Ballantyne's (big, upper class department store) sale. Bought sport beans (have not seen them here before) and haribo gummi bears (yu-u-ummy!). Then got coffee from a plac near the Arts Centre. I decided to break the mould and try a chocmint caapucino, but won't be repeating that! Gimme a latte any day. We went home to play Absolute Balderdash. I love playing games with people who haven't had to be coerced into it! P was great at it (he beat me) but Mum recovered from some struggles early on to win convincingly. It was a great game- I think most of the bluffs were at least somewhat convincing. Much harder with 4- the order of guesses can be key!
The next morning we went to Drexel's for breakfast. After growing up in CO, I have a real soft spot for US food- mexican, diner breakfasts, donuts, oreos (oh god, I ate waaay too many over the weekend), PB based candy- you name it. So Drexel's, with its breakfast burritos, genuine maple syrup, real diner pancakes and bottomless filter coffee was perfect. A great place to go after a group run (you NEED to book thoug.) I had major running envy when we drove past the park. It's what I imagine central park is like, or maybe Hyde Park (I know nothing). I was going to post a pic of my pancakes, but I give up.

Anyway, wedding was great. Not very personal, but very *them*. We had a great time, and it was so good getting to spend a whole wekend with P! I spent Sunday wishing I was on my bike. The roads were long, straight and wide, with some slight "hills" and picturesque farmland. I could just imagine getting a nice loooong ride in on that terrain (not like here, where I have to go down breakneck hills every time I want to go anywhere!). When we got back, we had lunch with Mum and F, headed out to a discount mall for awhile (it's what you DO when you're not at home!! and we don't really have malls in Wgtn). Then we drove up to the hills on the outskirts of Chch. Time for more running/biking envy. I wanted to be struggling up those massive hills! I wanted to earn my view and my coffee!

We had dinner with my sisters and D when we got back. I found out today that my middle sis has go a great job for next year. Go J!!! It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out. We may end up with a summer "boarder" (little sis).

I ran tonight. Left home at about 7 and did nearly an hour. Damn GI issues meant I was stuck at 59:48! Silly to be disappointed, but it's all about those arbitrary numbers. Legs felt OK. I won't say great, but no pain. Body and mind were also OK. I was conscious of not being able to push and it was all a little depressing. But ah well- onwards and upwards! I had a minor victory when I decided to keep running up a pedestrian access at the bottom of the big hill. It's much harder than the road! My heart may have been going crazy by the top, but I did it. And then ran the rest of the way up the hill home.

Tomorrow I am being good. Following the rules. XT days= swimming, and tomorrow I will do some weights too. No cheating and adding runs! And not too many 2-a-days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I thought I would take this opportunity to publicly thank P and wish him happy birthday! Though "public" is overstating it, since he's about the only one who reads it. Anyhoo...

Dear P- thank you for being a fabulous boyfriend and support crew. Thanks for the leg rubs and for being patient with me when I've worked out and haven't been fed yet. Thanks for talking me through the tough times, and helping me finish my speedwork when I'm well over the treadmill. Thank you for rides to the gym and the pool. Thank you for understanding the occasional self absorption and the need to plan everything! Basically, thank you for being you. Happy Birthday!

Am struggling with the week off, but the thought of marathon training is helping. Must sleep, as that's the whole point of having a rest week.... Plus I'm fading!

(Oh yeah- I defamed the new gym in my last post. P discovered a whole room of weights upstairs and the ones we were using were just the circuit-y type ones. Ooops!!!)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow- big weekly recap...
Last Saturday I wanted to get a decent workout in, but didn't want to hurt myself so decided to do a "mini tri brick" workout. Rode my bike down to the pool (fear/brake riding= something I definitely need to work on!!), swam about 1k (awful- too many people, too many waves...), biked 20 miles (uphill is also an area for improvement) and then ran for 25 or so mins. Distance would have been maybe 4-4.5k. So slow, and impossible to avoid hills where we live now!
Saturday night was P's work party, so got as dressed up as I could. We danced a bit, but were both so tired..Sunday I worked, caught up with a friend who's off overseas and then headed out to my best friend and her boy's place for dinner. Roast was divine, as were the decadent cinnamon chocolate puddings I made (if I do say so myself). My friend told me that she'd decided to sell her bike and trainer. The bike frame seemed too big (dammit!) but she let me take the trainer to try. Yay!
Unsurprisingly, weight had crept up to 63.8kg over the weekend, getting uncomfortably close to tight waistband territory. I am working on cutting down on sugar during the week. It's good, because I get the same number of calories from generally healthier food. And I can really enjoy my weekend indulgences.
Monday was uneventful. I rode my trainer for 40 mins in the morning, but ended up working late and missing my swim. It was my first trainer workout though- boy it was hard! Watched Fame with subtitles on- I guess it's not quite the same without the music, but it kept me amused well enough. We *had* to go out for dinner with some friends, so it was a tiring day and late-ish night. Malaysian was good, though!
Tuesday P and I went to the gym in the morning. I'm shopping for a new gym- since the move our regular gym is just too far to go in the mornings. We've got month passes to a sleeker, fancier gym slightly nearer to home and decided to check it out. Not impressed at all. Although there's more cardio equipment (good, considering I do my speedwork on the t/mill and have recently been a bit more dependent on the lower impact elliptical) the weights were rubbish. So instead of being good and doing weights, I hit the machines. I'm hopeless- if I am feeling fat I never want to do weights even though I know I need to. After work I "paced" P in a local 5k. My goal was to exercise control and finish as close to 25 as I could. P took off at the turn, and finished in 23mins. I achieved my goal, exactly. I didn't expect to kill myself in the process though, and left the "race"/tempo workout feeling a little down (though very excited for P's first race). It's hard. I want this to be a happy place. About the love I have for my training, the buzz I get from racing, and my successes. I at least wanted it to start like that! But oh well- that's not where I am right now. I hope that if I being patient, perservering and taking care of myself, I will be the old Kate again by summer! I went back to work and then headed to the pool to release some stress! Swim was wonderful- why do I never want to stop when I've only got 45 mins, but when I have time, and decide to "just do 45- more if I feel like it" I'm clockwatching the whole time??!
On Wednesday, I rode on the trainer for about 30 mins in the morning. I had planned a mid-week medium run (14km) with A for after work, but wanted to get some extra work in. Run after work was OK. I learnt a valuable lesson about food on Tues/Weds though. Don't create 1900 deficits. Just Don't.
Thursday I did pilates in the morning. My legs thanked me! I had planned to Spin with a good friend (who's training for a half IM) after work (and before a colleague's goodbye) but found out that I would be required to meet some new clients for drinks, so P and I decided to go at lunch. It was OK. I struggled to balance what my legs could do with what my heart could handle! After the dinner, I met my friends for the later part of a friend's Hens' Night! Lots of fun (was gutted to have missed out on the pole dancing) apart from being ID'd at one place while wearing my BUSINESS SUIT!!!! The drinking age here is 18!!!!
Friday I nursed my hangover. I ended up at the gym with my little sis, but we weren't in the mood, and really just pottered around. I was super PO'd when I got there, as I'd ended leaving work far later than necessary, and was late for her. So jumped on the treadmill and did 5 silly minutes hard and fast. God I love it. Just feeling my heart pound and my legs spin gave me just a bit of that buzz I'm trying to relocate...
Saturday I wanted to run. So bad. I was so excited to feel the desire again! Walked into town for an all day seminar and prayed that the weather and my motivation would both hold until the next day. No time for running before (neeeeeded sleeep) or after, as we had our housewarming that night. Housewarming was fun, if nerdy. P was given singstar 80s and Cranium as bday presents, and people also indulged in some drinking games, jumping to conclusions and charades. Felt a bit odd- a weird mix of friends were there, but just relaxed and went with it. I love living with P so much- he is absolutely amazing to me, so supportive. Awww.
On Sunday I slept and slept. Wonderful! I hadn't had much to drink, so when P got up for hockey, I headed out for my run. The weather was a gift. Sunny but not hot, slight breeze. Sea looked gorgeous, especially from the top of my favourite trail. But blah. The urge was still there, but the rest of me wasn't. Even Les Mis didn't help. I ran down to the coast, did a 21k loop and staggered back up the hill. For a few ks around half way through I felt OK. The rest of the time it was just effort effort effort. My legs have been sore from calf to glute ever since. They used to be able to do this! Having said that, although my week was no major biggie, in hindsight I had a lot on, and nowhere near enough sleep.
Goal for this week. Sleep. I think I might take this week off and then start marathon training next week IF I FEEL UP TO IT. If I don't, if the legs and lethargy persist, then Auckland can wait, and Rotorua 2007 can prepare for my can of whoopass.
This week looks like another busy one. We're heading down south for a wedding (and to see my Mum) so fly down on Thursday. It's P's birthday on Weds, so the rest of my time is consumed with that sort of thing!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fifty things

The obligatory fifty things:

1- I spend too much money on lattes. MMMMM latte!
2- I have two sisters, two stepsisters and two stepbrothers.
3- I don't like bacon or ham.
4- My favourite movie is The Sound of Music
5- French fries taste really good dipped in milkshakes
6- I am addicted to peanut butter- esp with carrots, celery, apples or raisins
7- I love music, and especially love to sing.
8- I got my first real taste for performance in a church production of Joseph
9- My first race was a half marathon.
10- I like the taste of tequila...
11- …but will never drink bourbon again
12- I am not really into pets, although I'm definitely not anti-pet, and really like cats and dogs
13- I used to be an absolute Beatles fanatic (still love them, no longer obsessed)
14- I listen to Les Miserables when I do long runs by myself
15- I never wanted to be a lawyer, but pretty much the moment I started law school, I knew it was right
16- I felt the same way about my job and the firm I work for.
17- I've felt that way about 2 guys, neither of whom felt that way about me (and one more- the current!)
18- I had a brief crush on my now-boyfriend 2 years ago, but had pretty much forgotten it until we "re-met" and got together 3 months ago. The first time I've ever gotten together with a crush
19- I prefer dark chocolate to milk or white
20- The thing I miss most about the states- cheerios! (since I first wrote this, we got them here! Yum! but they are more sugary and not as good)
21- I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi. (but please excuse any mistakes in my blog… despite the anal-stickler thing, I'm a tad careless and have hopeless attention to detail)
22- The last time I laughed my head off was about 5 minutes ago, reading about an end of work prank that someone had played at work.
23- Favourite tv shows; Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives
24- I love to read. I'm a sucker for brit-chick-lit, well- Marian Keyes, anyway, but also like "proper" books. Favourite recent reads; "Mother Tongue" and "Made in America" by Bill Bryson- Brilliant.
25- Major Harry Potter nerd
26- I'm a liberal Presbyterian. I believe in God, on some level, and believe that the fellowship and community of a good church can be really wonderful. However, I'm less than keen on churches that judge and require conformity
27- The worst race I ever had was the road relay champs this year. I never once felt strong and almost died going up the hill. I felt I let my team down, even though I really did give it my all.
28- My all time favourite run- my 3 legs of the Great Lakes Relay at the beginning of last year. I was team captain, and had to run 25k over the day, including some nasty hills. There were some truly horrible moments, and I almost started crying, but I made it.
29- My only protest march was in support of the Civil Union Bill.
30- The last time I cried was when Cecil's Dad ran to his dead body in HP and the Goblet of Fire. It was just one lonely tear. I honestly can't remember the last time I cried for real, which is somewhat concerning to me.
31-I love my job. Not a cool thing to say, but I do. Though it's not as if I wake up every morning and think "whoopee- time for work!" I do know that it's something I'm happy to be doing right now, andit feels like something that will continue to be satisfying and challenging in the future.
32-I've never been in the hospital, or even to A&E
33-My favourite overseas trip was our return to the US road trip in 1999. Closely followed by a day at the Iguazu Falls in 1995.
34-My most recent trip was to Rarotonga in June/July. Bliss in an NZ winter!
35-I'm planning to do the big trip in the next couple of years, and then spending a year doing my masters in Canada
36-Favourite colour- red or green
37-I like earrings
38-I'm planning on 3 kids
39-Right now I'm hungry
40-I love swimming in lakes/rivers/ocean
41- Always in my fridge: salad veges, yoghurt, milk, cottage cheese, strawberries in summer
42- Always in my pantry: couscous, chickpeas, kidney beans, tuna, crackers (on and off), dark chocolate squares, peanut butter.
43- Always in my freezer: frozen chili and pasta sauce, spinach, peas. Frozen berries when I'm rich, and ice blocks or frozen yoghurt in summer.
44- I wear glasses most of the time, contacts for special occasions.
45- I'm one of the only ppl I know who runs in glasses
46- My favourite people- my Mum, my two fabulous sisters and my wonderful boyfriend
47- My bike's name is Mike. He's red and I love him!
48- Favourite holiday is, without a doubt, Christmas.
49- I love board games (especially Scrabble)
50- My favourite fragrance is J'adore