Friday, April 29, 2011

Went to enter my (awesome) workout details at Buckeye and was met with:

Buckeye Outdoors has suffered a major outage. A series of electrical storms first knocked out the backup servers that were located at the backup up location. Then the unthinkable happened 4 days later and a second electrical storm caused an extended power outage at the datacenter where the primary Buckeye Outdoors servers are hosted. The current situation is pretty grimm and I'm despritly trying to recover the data that has been lost. If I am un able to recover the data I will put the application back online but right now I am holding out hope and I even might send the Hard Disks to a data recovery place. If you have any questions please email here:

Such a "white whine", but I'm gutted at the potential loss of YEARS of training data.  I've loved being able to analyse my previous training, and even look back to try to figure out other things (where were we that weekend? when did we hike that trail?). Guess I should have been better about recording in Sports Tracks too!

Anyway, the run was great- ran with Phil, and he kept me honest! It was much easier to keep a "fast but easy" pace with someone to chat to. Just half an hour, but we averaged around 5:15/km, and it felt like I was working, but not suffering.  Certainly had no trouble keeping up, and was able to keep chatting.


It's been awhile, I know, but I think I'm just about ready to get back into it! Be back soon with plans and news!