Hotpotato: Memories


In 2009, Phil and I took the HoBOO challenge: no junk other than junk we created ourselves for a month. It was heaps of fun, and I wished I'd recorded more of it, but here are some highlights.

It's HoBOO!
HoBOO: Week 1
HoBOO: Week 2
HoBOO Highlights: Montana Whoppers

Epic workouts

During my marathon and half IM training, it's often been the training, not the races that was most satisfying and exciting. So, I thought I'd collect some of my most awesome workouts together here.

Three volcanoes
Monstrous hills in the Hunuas
Epic Weekend: Part I
Epic Weekend: Part II
O for Oarsome October Weekend  (longest ride so far)

Auckland Training: Epic Run #4

"Auckland Training: Epic Run #2"
Auckland Training: Epic Run #1


Rambles and poems and songs and posts that just made me feel good to write.

Worthwhile? Why I tri
Why I go mountain biking?
When does it become rude?
MaxWell Overture

Type A-?
Training Performance?


Cornfields' Wedding: Going to the chapel
Cornfields' Wedding: ...and we're going to get ma-a-a-rried
Cornfields' Wedding: We all scream for ice-cream!
Cornfields' Wedding: Formalities
Cornfields' Wedding: Party on, Wayne!