Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike, you know you want to...

Password is my name. Not "my name", but my name.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Phew (again!)

Today I’m starting my New Plan.  SO exciting!  The morning began with 1:30 of swimming at the Tepid Baths trimasters squad.  Holy crap!  I  haven’t done more than about 45 mins or about 2k since the half ironman, so 3 and a bit ks was rather a shock to the system.  But BOY it felt good.


I also had a good run along good ol’ Tamaki on Saturday morning before hurrying off for a weekend of activities (including finally seeing my husband on Sunday afternoon).  It was nice and cool until about 11am, when it started to turn to “absolutely effing roasting”, and I was happy to see a respectable pace on the clock for a change. 


Now it’s back to slow and steady with Coach Paul, but it’s nice to go into this real build phase feeling confident that I’ll be able to really nail this thing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am struggling to get back into a routine, but I am getting there, slowly!  I have just joined a slightly scary squad at the Tepid Baths and will probably start tomorrow.  Eek!


I went for a run at about 6pm last night, before the heat of the day had subsided. It was a lovely run, up College Hill and down to Eden (?) point baths and some of the paths around there, but bloody hot, and 5k seemed to take an eternity (in fact, it took almost exactly 30 mins, which pretty much is an eternity for the old me). 


Things can only get better!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home cooked meal- well, home assembled anyway

On Sunday as Phil and I trudged up to the takeaway in Ponsonby with our friends, I thought about how long it has been since I had a home-cooked meal. It had certainly been well over a month since I cooked or assembled anything myself, though in that time I ate at my friend's place three times, her parents' place once, my parents' place once and another friends' once.

The rest of the time, it's been eating out, missing tea, and microwave meals, and I can tell you I'm sick of it! So, last night when my current wonderful hosts were out, I headed to the supermarket to get the fixings for my first home-assembled meal in a long time (it was hot, it was late, I'd been drinking and they were home soon, so actual cooking was a bit much to ask), and then whipped up a very boring chicken and chickpea salad. I probably ended up spending nearly enough on ingredients to pay for two takeaway salads, but even something so simple made me feel a dozen times better.

I really can't wait to move into the apartment, and to start grocery shopping and acting like a grown up again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

For Mike...

Mike- this is a lolcat. They are unfunny pictures that have achieved absurd levels of popularity in interweb land. NOW do you get it?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love this as much as pen fail...


Getting there...


There’s been a lot of walking uphill. 

A couple of 6-8k runs at OK, if not quite respectable, paces. 

Swim workouts in almost respectable times (44 minutes for a 2k workout with lots of rest, all my 400s sneaking under 8 minutes). 

Gym sessions here and there.   


But I move to Auckland this Friday, and into our new apartment in two weeks.  I’m talking to my new coach and starting my new programme soon. 


Plus- I now know how to email blog.  So, I’ll really truly be Back and bringing it soon! 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bye bye ponytail

Of course, it looks a whole lot sillier after this morning's run and swim...
(I am working, and then swimming with another friend this afternoon, so it's not worth doing it!)