Sunday, June 22, 2008

DNF, DNF and D(I)F

Saturday: Darn Near Frozen!
Woke bright an early (nawt) for this year's mid year swim, the start of a new tradition. If you go here, you can see my brown (swimsuited) belly poking out, and my hands adjusting my goggles. We turned up at 9, but for various reasons my event didn't start til 10. Boy it was cold- I almost couldn't wait to dive into the freezing, choppy, grey water. I did the "medium" event, a wetsuitless 100m or so journey out to the first buoy and back.
It was amazing in the water- cold, but I've been in worse (you can't keep me out of rivers...) and incredibly freeing. I was beaming as I came out and got my mulled wine (mmm!) but reality soon kicked in, and I realised I couldn't feel my feet.

Sunday morning: Did Not Finish
It was a weekend of short "races". Today I was Just Not in the Mood. Was almost relieved when I saw P standing on the sideline, one mile into my 10k race. Not really "relieved", but as neither of us had really expected the dodgy knee to hold up, I wasn't surprised, and he wasn't devastated. But he was sad enough that I was very glad I decided to turn back, and walk back in the rain to the start line. Am feeling a bit of a dork, as although I stopped for "nice" reasons, I know inside I wasn't in the mood. BUT, am planning a kickass race for New Plymouth in October. I'm going to say sub 1:45 now, and I'm going to stick to it. I WILL get my mojo back.

Watched the kids doing their magic mile (*cluck cluck*), debated whether or not we would take a finisher's pack (there was a TOWEL, I love race towels!), then headed back to the course to watch Ed run a smoking 6-minute PB.

Later we joined E and A for brunch at the Parade. Free potato wedges were a welcome but undeserved treat :-)

Sunday afternoon: DAY-amn I'm Fast!

The quest for sub 1:40 continued today. I had something to prove, and just needed a pool to prove it in. Unfortunately, Huia was closed for waterpolo (2 hours early GRRRR!) and Naenae had "three" lanes available (more like one lane, next to a whole bunch of nippers flinging water polo balls around). Hit my first warm up 100 pretty hard (I often do... It's something that works for me) and hit 1:41 (again!) Then a large backstroker joined our lane, so I kept on with the programme sheet I'd picked up (4x50, 4x75, 4x100...). Then a new lane opened up, so I thought I'd sneak in a cheeky 100 before cool down. I pushed hard, felt great, and got back. 1:41. Now, I'm very happy to see 1:41 on a semi-regular basis (it used to be 1:43... in fact, it used to be 1:58), but could I Not Just Take Two DAMN seconds off??

P had something to prove too, so after doing his 800m straight set, he kept going. For another 700m. By far his longest straight swim to date. And he did it in a pretty respectable time too- 34ish minutes or so. Just think how good he'll be in December, avec wetsuit... I moaned that I couldn't break 1:40, and he told me to just do one more 100. He'd time.

Right- this is IT, Mr 1:40. You're going dooown.
Pushed off, and knew it was going to hurt.
Length 2 and my feet were tingling.
Coming to the turnaround, and slightly distracted by P's dangly legs.
Slowing down to 75.
One last push off.
Back, and raise my head hopefully.

1:34:97. But he thinks he got a bit too excited and stopped too soon, so I'm calling it 1:36, which seems fair.


We're both feeling amped about swimming at the mo, and hoping to get back to Masters when we move back into town.

Oh, and I got new pedals (double-sided) and a new helmet (makes me look less like a toadstool...) today, so I'm getting close to being amped about riding. Closeish...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today's run was a struggle right from the get go. I was rudely awoken by a European football fan getting up to watch his team kick some serious butt, and fell back into a surprisingly deep sleep. When I woke up I felt off. Weak and just a bit funny. I figured food would help, and it did a bit. Mucked around until P got back from the pub (about 9am) and then dragged my(pleasantly slim seeming) self out the door.

I ran the Hutt river trail from the Esplanade Trail. I fartlekked a bit, and it's pretty easy to tell from my splits where the road became trail, and where the smooth trail became muddy and rough. My fartleks were around 7:40 pace on the nice bits, and ranged from 8:06 to 8:39 on the rough bits. Overall, I ended up covering 6.77 miles in 1:01, for 9:07 pace. Not terrible (not great, compared to my long run at 9:19 and my hilly run at 9:21....), but it wasn't much fun, and I hope I'm feeling speedier next week.

The pool was a little better. I've decided to set myself a goal of finally getting 100 in under 1:40. Today I got a bit closer, with 2/2 100s at 1:41.

Anyway, not much to say. Will watch the ABs kicking some pommie arse ;-) (Hi Mike!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change of plans

Sometimes other things are more important than races
Sometimes, when it's been all about you for the past 2 1/2 years, it's time to give someone else a turn.
Sometimes, when your super speedy fiance is about to run his first half marathon, you realise you'd rather be wrapping him in a giant great hug at the end then struggling around the Bays into a head wind for another twenty minutes.
Sometimes, after you've changed your entry to the 10k (which should have you back in plenty of time), you happen upon the perfect replacement race.

So- I'm foregoing the Harbour Capital Half for another bite at the 10k (remember last year?). And then, in October, I'm heading to New Plymouth to hang with my sister and run a half marathon.

I'm not shooting for sub-48 this time round, but am hoping for a sub-50. For those of you who've entered the guess my time competition, thanks for your optimism. Either I can put all guesses into a predictor and set an equivalent goal based on those, or you can guess again.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

In the immortal words of Stephanie ("Step on Me") Tanner...

As we pulled our bored, sweaty and aching bodies off the trainers after ninety very very long minutes, made bearable only by the sweet vowels of Julie Andrews, we looked outside, only to see that the gale force winds that had battered the house all night and whipped up the harbour all morning, had eased, leaving a calm (if ice cold), stunning winter Wellington morning waiting for lazier (or smarter) cyclists to embrace it.

How rude!

PS- longest "sentence" ever??

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A "test", and a typical Wellington run

Today I planned a "well-paced" 20km with A, to help with some goal setting for the half next week. I didn't plan a windy Welly day, though I guess I should have. And, hey- that's what I'm likely to get in a fortnight's time, so it's good to be prepared :)

We set a good brisk pace around the waterfront. I'm changing the Garmin to give average pace, as it's not really accurate enough at a given point. It was quite disappointing to see 8:30ish pace all the way round, but to finish the first 10k at more like 8:55 pace! (though P was pleasantly surprised to finish his 10k time trial in 42:30, having seen very few paces under 4:20 during the run)

Then it was time to head back and brave the winds. We lost a lot of time, but I'm pleased that I kept chatting and my HR stayed about the same.

All in up, it was just under 20km in 1:55, for an average pace of 9:19/mi. Not the greatest time, but I'm feeling reasonably confident about the race (knock wood). Soooo... set my goal. Bet my time. I'll think of a present for the winner!


Obviously my quiet whinge the other day kicked someone into gear, and my Garmin 405 arrived on Thursday. Charged it during the day, then test drove it on a run with P after work. And, what can I say... I's in looove!

The run was broken up by soe 3 minute efforts, and I was pleased to have decent lap data for a change. And also pleased to see my pace down in the high 6s and low 7s a fair bit on the efforts.

Let's see how much I like Garmin on today's long run. I'm doing a well-paced 12-miler with A to see how I fare off the trails.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hotpotato highlights

Nothing worthy of a whole post, but here's what's doin':

- loving my team on Buckeye. You guys make me want to train. Plus, unlike blogger, I can update my workouts at work. Bonus.

- watching the long slow hill work pay off, as I see a glimmer of the long departed speedster edging back in

- wondering where oh where has my GARMIN gone?? Please Garmin, get here already!

- looking forward to SATC TOMORROW

- cursing ratbag Nike+ (see above, re: Garmin)

- giving up sugar (for now, "sweet foods", then gradually taking other stuff out- but what shall I put on my porridge?) for two months to nip my borderline dependency in the butt. And if I should happen to say tata to some tum flab too, I shan't be complaining..

- thinking about Harbour Capital half- to set a goal, or not to?

- slightly over my addiction to word twist

- slacking off while P rides (!!!)

- salivating over tuna pasta and pinot (seriously, the perfect meal. perfect I tells ya)