Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Time trial..

I warmed up for my time trial today by jogging to the track and trying to keep my HR between 146 and 156 (my target HR based on Maffetone's formula). It was surprisingly easy, and I spent less than 2 mins out of zone in total, which I was happy with. It was about 3.2 miles and I did it in under 30- that's all I know, but not a bad effort at my target zone.

The time trial was less successful. I took off too fast (waaaay too fast) and was gasping before I was halfway round the first lap. I'd never run on the track before and I didn't really know how to get the right pace. I *think* I did about 1400m in the 6 minutes. Not quite what I had planned, but there's room for improvement and I think it's a reasonable indicator of where I am for training purposes.

P and I decided it was too gorgeous and sunny to go home and cook (plus we had errands to run and wouldn't have been home until after 8 anyway) so we got some woodfired pizza , salad and strawberries and sat on the grass. Ah.. I love summer.

PS: For Aleks- this is the view from my house of my run on Saturday:

We ran from our place down the hill and along the coastline past the airport in this pic. In the second pic you can see the trail we ran along, and the coastline you follow back round towards our place.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A perfect run

On Friday night, P and I agreed that we would not leave the house on Saturday until it was tidy. We didn't have any plans apart from some shopping and a vague intention to go for a ride (my "schedule" suggested two bricks this weekend in the lead up to next week's sprint). But Saturday morning dawned clear, sunny and beautiful and I knew I had to be part of it as soon as possible. So I mapped out a 7.3m route and started getting ready. As I was debating ipod or no ipod I had a Eureka moment. What's better than music on a "long" run? That prevents boredom without interfering with the experience? Company!

So I jumped on P to wake him up and invited him out. I may have downplayed the distance a little, but he seemed enthusiastic. Anyway, the run was perfect. We ran out around the bays and over the Maupuia track- my favourite place! It was early enough that it wasn't hot, and somehow our pace managed to fit just right. Usually we're a little out of sync when we run. We tampered a bit with the route, and went up some extra hills at the end, so we could push a downhill finish instead of having to finish on the up! I ran fast for the first bit of the downhill but pulled back a little when I got scared! But still, finished strong and fast. We bought choc-ice blocks from the dairy (I almost fainted from the stale air inside after pushing down the hill and being out in the sun for too long) and then wandered back home. Our stats are a little off, but I think we averaged roughly 9 min miles, which is good considering that we had to walk down from the trail back to the road as it's quite treacherous!

Sunday I had planned a long walk with a friend, but the weather had deteriorated and was looking pretty awful at the time we'd planned to leave. A little disappointing, but the silver lining was being able to fit a swim in, and have a lot more time to catch up on that housework. I was pleased with myself for doing 2500m in the pool- that will be small potatoes once my swim training starts (next week!!) but is still a good effort for me now. Time not so good (not sure exactly), but the suggested workout involved a lot of rest and a lot of technique. It also had 600m or something of straight kicking- not something I'm used to, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated! My stroke has improved so much, and I was able to decrease my stroke count during my cool down. Yay!

We met at my sisters' place on Sunday evening for a thanksgiving dinner. We have been meaning to have a thanksgiving celebration for so many years now (since we came back from CO in 1988!) but this is the first time we've done it. We made candied sweetpotatoes (my word those are weird!!) and I tried my hand at my first pumpkin pie (which, served with gingerbread ice cream, was really good!) We also started planning our Xmas and our summer holiday. It's really feeling like the festive season now! I'm so excited.

As you can probably tell, I am still feeling great after last week. And after to sinking to new lows weight wise (131.2!), I have managed to regain all that I lost (thanks to a dinner out with P on Saturday and unofficial thanksgiving dinner on Sunday). Hopefully I will be able to start losing the fat for real now- I'm feeling very flabby indeed and can't wait to hit the weights tomorrow. This week is mostly a weights/cycling week and spin class this morning was fun, if not the best workout ever. This instructor tends to run the class more like an aerobics class than a cycling class. Today we did a lot of very slow, mostly out of saddle, climbing on very high resistance. My HR was reasonably steady and I felt pretty good. Good enough for a fast 6 minute run-off at the end (1.4km, 6:51min/m). I have to do a 6 min track time trial by next Tuesday for this season's track programme, so hopefully will be able to do at least 1.4km in that. Most of my speedwork to date has been on the mill, so I'm not really sure how I'll go when I don't have that external motivation (keep moving or fall off on my butt) spurring me along. We shall see!

Hopefully will be doing some mini races this week- 5k tomorrow and a splash and dash on Weds. I hope I don't get too discouraged if I bomb out in the 5k. I'm thinking about just doing the 200m swim on Wednesday- I don't want to be dead last!

I am feeling OK about my running speed and endurance at the moment and thinking seriously about finishing this season without doing an Oly, then training for Rotorua (the closest we have here to Boston!) in April. I'm thinking 6 weeks of AeT base training (using Maffetone) and 6 weeks of marathon specific training. I won't expect too much of myself, so I think that balance should work. I guess I am feeling inspired by everyone's training logs and race reports! I am also learning that I don't need to get the time I want to achieve my goals. I will still be a marathoner, whether I finish sub 4, sub 5 or whatever! Tri-wise, I'll have 2 more sprints after next weekend's, as well as the century ride and the 2.8k swim, and I think that's a good enough first tri season, even without the Oly.

Anyway- hope everyone out there is feeling happy today :-)

Update: Life's so easy when you finish work on time! I was out the door before my secretary tonight, on the early bus home and in the door by 5:30!! Amazing. I made tofu and vege stir fry for dinner, made lunches and packed for tomorrow, finished most of the cleaning we neglected over the weekend, spent too much time online, read some of my book, did some ab work, watched some bad TV... and it's still only 9pm (nearly bedtime!) If only it was always like this...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am an athlete.

This means that I am the only person who went on yesterday's "Amazing Challenge" not limping around in agony today. The only one who could keep running for more than 3 minutes between check points.

And after that? A bike ride with a short run-off.

Whatever doubts I have about myself and my abilities, this reminds me that I am, indeed, an athlete.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Body type..

I just read this post of Tammy's. I fit pretty squarely into the mesomorph category, and checked it against this quiz. But I was sad to see that the list of famous mesomorphs was Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and most MR Universe Winners! So, basically, I am a MAN!!

(Fortunately I did a bit more googling to find some female mesomorphs. I found a LOT more men, but found some women, including Demi Moore, Daisy Fuentes, Lucy Lawless and Madonna. I'll take that. I also found the following quote, "when it comes to athletics and physical stamina, nothing beats the mesomorph." Hmm. I think there's a bit of endo in my meso! And apparently mesos show more criminal tendencies. Right)

Bike to work day.

The last two days have gone from awful to average to awesome.

Tuesday I had an early meeting. I wasn't sick anymore but I was still pretty knackered, even after the 12 hours' sleep. However, everything I'd been working on got done, I got to have (and, remarkably, enjoy) a fancy lunch with (nice) clients for the first time in ages and I got a great, ego-boosting reference from my boss for a scholarship I'm never going to get. I finished work on time, had a relatively stressfree volunteer shift, and got home to a warm dinner. P and I had time for a half hour walk (on the trails near our place) after dinner then I settled in at home to read a new (trashy..) library book. We got our bikes and stuff ready for bike to work day, and got an early night.

Bike to work day was OK. The breakfast was pretty average, and I wasn't a fan of the ride in, though I will do it again- I need to keep at it to gain some much needed bike confidence. I handled my downhills far better than I have at times, and worked on spinning on the flats and staying calm in traffic. I also handled my ego far better than usual. P's confident, strong, fast. That's OK!

I got most of my work done in the morning and was able to to spend a guilt free morning on our summer clerk retreat. Running and walking around town in the sun, in casual gear and walking shoes, a picnic lunch and even winning the "Amazing Challenge." Hmm. Much as I love my job, that beats drafting evidence and researching antitrust.

I wasn't that excited about the ride home, especially after 3 hours of running around and climbing hills in the morning, but I kept it easy- easy gears, reasonable cadence... The hills were hard (HR hit the 180s), but I kept at them, and felt good. I picked up my ipod and headed out for a short run-off. I wanted to go forever and I felt pretty strong, but I was conscious that I had done a lot already, so I kept it to a fun, easy-paced mile.

And what now? Why, all new Simpsons followed by Scrubs. Pasta with chicken and parmesan, salad and warm bread. A cold, well-earned beer (doesn't match the pasta, but matches my day and the weather). This is the life!

(THEN I'll hit that housework!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We're actually starting to have some weather that resembles spring, and I've gone and gotten myself a bout of food poisoning during a mad crazy work week. So instead of taking my bike out when I got home last night, I went tp bed and slept for 12 hours. And I've lost 2 lb already, so it'll be awhile before I will have enough calories in reserve for a decent workout.

Sorry for whining. Believe it or not, there have been times in my life where training has just sailed along, obstacle free and I've been happy, upbeat and positive!

But although I don't want always to be negative on the blog, I do want to be honest- I'm not superwoman (obviously) and if someone less experienced than me (ha- yeah right!)is reading this, I want to show my training for what it is; silly struggles and all, instead of a journey that's all awesome runs, kickass hill climbs and sailing from training PR to training PR.

Update: fortunately, it was just a 12-hour thing and I'm much better now. I was pretty screwed yesterday, but today was fine and I am finally through the work month of hell! Tomorrow I am commuting on my bike for the first time and then spending the first part of the day on the summer clerk retreat. Yay!

Sunday, November 19, 2006




Louis Garneau



Also- if anyone has any comments on sizing, please let me know!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


This week has been CRAZY! But it reminds me that:

a- Work IS important to me. I love it, I'm (quite) good at it (well, I hope I am).
b- I CAN balance work, training, and life. It just means skipping housework...
c- Trying to spin after a 2 workout day starting at 5:20 and finishing at 2am? Maybe not so wise!

Am just about all caught up on reading and commenting, but not quite there yet :-)

Hope y'all have great thanksgiving breaks, and good luck to everyone who's racing!!

PS- Guess which budding triathlete turned up to an open water swim skills seminar at the WRONG beach? The weather was pretty nasty, so I decided it must've been cancelled. Unfortunately, it was not really going to be safe for me to swim alone, so I put my wetsuit on for 2 measly laps of the nearest buoy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What next?

So- my tri on Saturday was a disaster. But it's only a disaster if I live by numbers. If I throw my embarrassing time and awful placing out the window, I can remember that I achieved one of my 3 time goals. That I rode faster than I have before. That I rode the downhills (almost) without fear. That I passed lots of people going uphill. That I had one of the funnest hour and forty minutes EVER.

I'm taking this opportunity to revisit and refocus my goals for the season. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what is best for me to do this season and next, and I haven't actually made up my mind yet, but here are some thoughts...

Short(er) term goals:

I have two events coming up that I will be focussing on for the next 2 1/2 months. (I also have a sprint tri and a there are a couple of quick mid-week races I might do- after work 5ks, Wednesday night splash n dash, but I will not be training "for" these) The big events are the Round the Mountain ride on 2 January 2007 and the Lighthouse Classic swim on 27 January. This means that my programme will be about cycling and swimming for the next 10 weeks. I am feeling a little sad about the running, but I am also feeling very excited about the swimming and riding! I will also be keeping up with lifting and core work. I loved my gym workout this morning, and was so happy to feel the muscles again!

I have taken a swim training plan from the event website and have tinkered with it- I will be doing two sea swims a week, and will cut volume down every few weeks. Basically, I will do one session of endurance, one of speed and drill training and two sea swims each week (sometimes one sea swim will be part of a splash and dash). Over the summer holidays, I will just do what feels right- we'll be by the beach, there's a swimming pool nearby...

3 or 4 sessions per week. One will be dedicated to technical work/confidence building- including hill-climbs and descents, standing in my shoes, cornering, etc. P will help me with some of this. One midweek ride- either outside (top preference), on the trainer or a spin class. To build volume, we may do a spin double some weeks. One or two weekend rides- either one biggie or 2 smallies. We'll see!

Long(er) term:
I am still deciding whether to do an Oly. A marathon next season? A half-IM in the 2007/8 season? On Saturday, I felt like I would have been far better suited to an Oly than a sprint! I was just finding myself at the end of every stage! But, my goals for ME are all about sticking with things I don't like or that I'm not good at. Especially things I want to be good at! So, maybe it would be better for me to stick to short distances- work on the sprint this season, and the 10k next season? But then I look at posters for the Rotorua marathon, and all these great endurance events. Should I just accept that I'm more inclined to endurance? There are actually much bigger life decisions I need to be making at the moment, so those may have some bearing on my decisions!

One of my challenges, as always, will be avoiding overtraining. I had a free consultation with a physiologist who read me like a book. I have tinkered with my programme to accommodate for things like Xmas, summer holidays, etc etc. I am also ensuring regular rest days and low volume weeks. I have also bought a cheap temporary fix HRM to make sure I take care of myself. This schedule will require more organisation than what I have been used to for the last couple of months, but I have been THAT person before, and since P will be doing the weights and cycling with me (and maybe even some of the swimming!!!), we will be able to support each other.

Sorry for the random post. I'm just trying to get all these things thought out!

Oh and two random things:

1- Thanks for the advice re: trisuit. P's been looking for one for me for ages (we can only buy Orca and Zoot here, but one of his nerdy hobbies is finding bargain sportswear online..) but I was loathe to have either of us invest any more in my tri until I knew what I wanted to do with it. But now I know I want to do it, and that I never want to waste that much time in transition again! Do you think it's safe to buy online? Does anyone have any suggestions re fit?

2- I've found in my races that my feet go numb while I'm riding, and take awhile to warm up on the run. I'm guessing this is something in my cycling technique, but I'm not sure what. Any comments/advice? Thanks :-)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back part 2


I hereby promise to post pics of every sunburn this summer. I challenge myself to make this the last!

Race report- by the numbers

(oops- ripping of Jodi's post ideas again!

Argh. Numbers.

I am NOT going to let them destroy me. So I am not going to link to them, and I am not going to discuss them. But some highlights:

0: Number of course maps available at the race site/in race pack. I had been emailed a map but it was at my home address and I didn't get it until Friday morning. Should have printed it. Relied on there being a map in race pack or an information desk at the site. Hindsight.

1: the number of times I got completely psyched out by a local athlete's description of the ride. BIG hills. SLICK windy descents.

1: number of bike computers that stopped working on race morning

1: the number of spare bike computers we had sitting in the car (P's bike came with the same computer that mine did- a useless piece of rubbish, but ah well)

1: Number of times on the bike course I hit the ground. I called out to someone who was having trouble on the side of the road and forgot to keep pedalling. Oops.

2: Times I cried over the course of the weekend. Number one: sheer frustration at not knowing where I would be riding or running. Number two: let's just say I need to do a LOT of work on riding with P.

6: minutes spent in T1. I ripped my race number, struggled with bra insert in race vest, dropped stuff. This led to a rather panicked exit.

Wetsuit off..

Ooops- this inner support business is TRICKY...

And we're STILL in T1...

And there are 3 more in that series, before I mount my bike. I'm bored just posting them!

6: minutes spent at the side of the road on the second climb after losing my chain, and my mind.

Several: the number of decent climbs on the bike course, the first one straight out of T1.

(Just) Sub- 8: average minutes taken to run a mile. Happy with this. The site gives me 24:53, so I'll go with them, but my calculations said it was a little lower (still over 24 though). I hope that I can lower it as my fitness gets back up to scratch.

14: degrees celsius- the minimum water temperature for running the swim. I was very concerned that the swim would be cancelled and SO relieved when it wasn't.

15: degrees celsius- the water temperature on race day (it was fine- didn't bother me at all)

16: minutes spent in the water. Not great, but not a disaster either. Should be sub-15 next 750!

17: average age of the winners of my event (next time I read "family friendly, participation focussed, suitable for first timers" I'll remember to translate it to "NZ under 18 championships"… Nice. They could at least have put the kiddies in a different category!)

26-27: average speed (kph) while riding the bike. Not too embarrassing considering the hills. Could and should be much better.

50: maximum speed on the bike (wheeee!!!)

100: minutes on the course in total (yuck)

Off the charts: my HR back on the bike after the chain was fixed!

Countless: the number of times I thanked my lucky stars for P, while wishing I had friends racing and my family there to support me too.

All the numbers and all the stress and tears aside, I had an AMAZING time on the course. I swear I loved every minute of it!

Other random things I made a note to blog about:

- little kids holding their hands out for high fives as I sprinted down the finishing chute (thanks to P for making me kick it!). Such an awesome feeling.

- the tape recorded haka played at race briefing. Is it that hard to find a primary school kapa haka group in the Naki (too all of you non-Kiwis-- well, all of you-- the answer's NO)? And surely just prior to the start would be better than just prior to the RD's speech?

- the winner of the cup race was the first girl who P ever kissed. He didn't know she was a triathlete! (not the world cup race, just the Kiwi one).

- getting a high-5 from this HOT guy as he won the men's ITU World Cup race. Watching the World Cup race was AWESOME. I loved watching their cycling- especially watching the groups on the steep descent back into the transition area and the next loop.


- I need to chill the f*ck out. I was SO stressed out pre-race. Not pre-race nevres or excited anticipation. No, all consuming, frustrated, teary, snappy stress. I'm not sure what the cause was, though I think nutrition and hydration contributed. The late race start also didn't help- I love the early morning adrenaline and race day buzz! I also didn't even think to listen to my power songs, which we'd especially loaded onto P's MP3 player on Friday morning. Same applies to getting back on the bike after the dramas in T1 and after the dropped chain

- I need to do a LOT of work on the bike. Technical work. From now on, I'm riding up and down the hills near home at least one morning a week. I'm also going to change the pedals and do some technical work while unclipped to get some more confidence. However, I did ROCK the second half of the ride. I was comparatively confident on the downhills, embraced the higher speeds I was finding, took corners in my stride. Etc. I'm dwelling on the negative, but I came off that bike feeling amazing! I also unclipped uneventfully at T2, for the first time!

- Riding rollers is very different to riding Welly's big mother hills. Much more fun, yes, but it also requires much better planning shifting-wise. I made quite a few silly mistakes with gearing!

- If nutrition is the 4th discipline and transition is the 5th, basic bike maintenance is the 6th. Stop letting P take care of the boy stuff.

Anyway, I've learnt some lessons, and I've done some soul searching. Next post will discuss my goals and training plans for the rest of the season...Maybe some more pics too!

Back :-)

I had a great weekend in NP and a LOT of fun on the course, though the race was not technically a success!

Will hopefully post full report with lots of pics soon :-) Thanks for all the good luck wishes everyone!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm off!

I composed a big post yesterday at work but forgot to email it home. Oops!

Anyway, just a quick post before I leave for New Plymouth...

1- Taper week was actually a taper week, pretty much. Work forced me to take it easy exercise-wise (I did a great spin class on Tuesday and a fairly easy swim on Wednesday, but missed my planned run on Thursday because I had a client meeting...) but it hasn't exactly been a week of rest and minimal stress. Ah well. My eating has been OK- I hit a low weight earlier in the week so have worked on keeping my good calories up since then.

2- Weather is amazing here this morning! I wish I wasn't leaving- especially knowing that the weather in NP (which is usually better than here) will not be great this weekend. Ah well. Strong winds and showers are forecast for Saturday's race, but I hear that "strong" has quite a different meaning in NP! Here's hoping. I'm also hoping that the jellyfish that invaded the NP harbour a couple of weeks ago have decided to go home!

3- I am REALLY looking forward to racing. I snuck out for an 8 minute run this morning- just to make sure my legs still worked! I have gotten over the "it's just a sprint" feeling that I think had been lurking throughout my training so far. Yeah- maybe it is just a sprint. But it's my FIRST proper sprint. It'll take me 1:30ish, which isn't much less time than a half marathon takes me. It's OK for this to be an "A" race, even if I don't achieve what I want to (solid swim, 27kph average on the bike, run under 25). So I am amped. I am looking forward to struggling into my wetsuit, cramming my swimcaps on, slipping my goggles down. I'm looking forward to testing the water, then starting in a mad rush (from what I can see, we're starting with the men, all in one wave??!!), getting beaten up my flailing legs, swimming madly offcourse, spluttering in the salt water (no rose tinted goggles for this newbie!). I'm looking forward to dropping stuff in transition, to hobbling out of T1, clipping in smoothly (can't be too pessimistic here) and heading out on the course. I'm looking forward to tackling the winds head on, to forgetting to reset my computer, to nervously approaching the turn arounds and to freaking out about whether I'm drafting, to cruising back into T2, unclipping uneventfully. Looking forward to lacing up my running shoes, pushing those brick legs out of transition and picking those beeyatches ahead of me off one by one (yeah, right)! I'm looking forward to kicking it over the finish line, seeing P cheering me on, taking photos.

4- We found out last night that some friends of ours will be in the Naki for the weekend too. Yay! Hopefully P will find some spectating company. It seems that NP is really getting into world tri festival spirit. It's been hard to tell whether it's a big deal or not- lots of Wgtn triathletes barely knew what I was on about when I mentioned where I was racing, but it seems that it should be well supported. I am excited about being involved in the atmosphere of a big deal race!

5- My toe is still a bit of a pain, especially during swimming. We'll tape it up heaps tomorrow anyway. I have to make sure I really mangle it on the run- I'd rather end the race with a bloody toe than a munted calf, and I am already feeling myself using my lower legs to ease off the toe. Silly. It doesn't hurt that much, but it's irritating.

That's all for now folks.. Have great weekends and I look forward to posting a race report when I get back!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The stupidest injury ever

(I don't remember doing such a stupid pose, but of course that's what my honey caught!)

As I mentioned, I had a practical tri seminar, preparation for my first real sprint next weekend. Basically, we got practical tips from a couple of ironmen, and practiced transitions. I got to wear my new wetsuit for the first time, and I loved it! I'd never been swimming in a wetsuit before, and I really noticed the buoyancy. I loved that my feet were freezing while the rest of me was comfortable!

As I was getting out of my wetsuit at imaginary T1, I noticed a red mark on my white towel and realised that I'd cut my big toe somewhere in the water. Yuck! It didn't really hurt, but it was bleeding quite hard for a small cut.

This cut is turning out to be the stupidest injury ever. It's just little, but you don't realise how much a big toe does until it's not doing it or until it hurts to do it. Grr. It's mostly fine while biking (P and I took the twinnies out for an hour or so after the seminar- was loving the easy downhills and feel some mojo coming back) but it throbs when I stop, as well as whenever I wear any kind of shoes for more than an hour or so. Stupid thing. I could feel it moving during my swim tonight, and ended up dedicating much more of my workout to pull! Ah well- it's really no big deal. It's just funny that such a STUPID little cut is making training so much less comfortable.

This week I'm tapering, apart from the 5k Wednesday evening, which I'm hoping will be a bit of a wee comeback. I think tomorrow will be a rest (I wasn't feeling well today- dizzy spells and dodgy tummy), Tues and Thurs will be weights, Weds is the race and Fri will be an easy brick before we travel up, I think. Nice. Work will be messy again, so my challenges for the week will be getting enough vitamins and proper food in, getting enough sleep and minimising stress. I'll have to keep asking myself the question (especially wrt to training), "Will this HELP me race on Saturday?" and also, more importantly "Could this HURT my performance on Saturday?"

Hope all the NYC racers have a great time, congrats to IMFL peeps, and hope the rest of you had great weekends of training, racing, resting and so on!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happiness is a long run!

(OK, OK. My run wasn't "long", per se. Maybe 8.5 miles or so. But "long" fitted the song better than, say "evening")

I was working late (again) on Thursday and arranged to meet my friend for a run break. The weather was perfect (apparently we're on a 7-day cycle, nice weeks, Saturdays gradually getting worse, Sundays turning to custard- wtf??!) and we ran slooowly around the botanical gardens and then around the waterfront. I ran the last 2.5mi back to my office by myself and it was HARD to pick up my pace. I was running at tempo run effort and was sitting around or a little under 8:30s! Mental. But I think it was because running slowly, and up some beastly hills, for an hour does take it out of you and I'm prouder of myself for keeping the pre up than I am disappointed with the speed. I was thinking about trying to sub-24 in a 5k again last week, but realised I have the corporate challenge this Wednesday, so that'll have to be my time. The course was a bit short last year, but not sure about this year- we'll see.

In other running news, I cranked out a mile on the t/mill Thursday morning after my workout in, wait for it, 6.27! I was running at 10mph for the last minute, and when the mill switched to cool down mode (this one goes down far more slowly than the other type at my gym, which pretty much go straight to walking pace) I actually had to stand on the sides gasping. But woohoo! I wasn't expecting to hold 15kph (about 9.3mph) the whole way, let alone ramp it up to 16 at the end!

Am thinking about my goals and plans for the next few seasons. My oly distance tri is late in the season (late March/early April). The marathons I would want to do are either late May (too soon after the Oly) or late September (apparently too close to do an Xmas half-I). ARGHH. Depending on career stuff, am sort of thinking about finding a mid-year mara in Aussie! Or I could stick to plan and get super fast in the 10k.. But the lure of the marathon is strong.

Anyway- better start getting ready. Am off to a practical tri session this morning and need to get everything ready. And hey- it's clouding over!