Monday, July 21, 2008


Apologies for the break from blogging and commenting. The internet at home is bung, and I cannot access blogger at work, except standing up in the kitchen. Where I am now.

Some stuff:
- Swim: Good. Swam 10k last week, including a very relaxed 1k in about 20 mins. We've joined a training squad. First official session tonight, but last week's trial session was great and we've both got some good pointers.
- Bike: Getting there. New pedals. New fit. New helmet, so I look less like a toadstool. Went for a shortish flat ride with P yesterday and could feel the difference. Before long I'll be hitting Makara with the rest of them!
- Run: A bit of a mess. Sore knee, then sore heel, then sick. Now ready to ease myself back into it, before we head away for ten sweaty days in Thailand. Luckily, my run is fine, but I'd like to make it better than fine, to have a better chance of achieving my secret goal of a sub-2 half at Rotorua.