Sunday, July 01, 2012

Back to the Forest

On Saturday, my sister and brother in law invited us to Rotorua for a spot of mountain biking.  It had been nearly a year since my last visit to the forest, and even longer since I'd last hit the trails (last time was just after we found out I was pregnant, and I decided to play it safe and walk...)

We managed to get Chip, baby paraphernalia and bikes ready, and leave the house with just enough time for Phil to pick up a date scone in Tirau, before arriving at the Waipa carpark for our traditional "Rotorua picnic".   I loved stepping out of the car with the baby and watching his eyes light up as he looked around, taking it all in.  He's at such a curious stage at the moment, and it's thrilling to watch.

Chip was not too impressed with our picnic (hence the dummy, which is usually strictly for bedtime and car trips!), so I ate fast before packing him into his stroller and walking loops of the paddock.

Once we'd all had our fill of chicken, chippies and homemade deli salads (coleslaw and egg and potato), the girls took Chip for a walk up the hill on the forestry roads and 4wd trails.  Our Phil & Ted's explorer handled the trails very well! It was a bit surreal as there has been a LOT of logging since we last went.  In the picture below I'm standing next to one of my old favourite trails, which used to be totally covered in trees!

After 40 minutes, Chip woke up (as predicted), and it was time for his picnic, and an al fresco nappy change. 

He wasn't too excited by his stroller on the trip down (I think the wails meant something along the lines of "I'm NOT tired, I've SEEN THESE BELLS BEFORE and WHY AM I NOT OUT IN THE TREEEES?") so I grabbed the mei tai wrap I'd stashed under the buggy, and tied it on.  He liked that better, and spent the rest of the walk gazing around at the trees.

Then it was our turn.  We stuck to the easiest of easy trails, and I still felt like a total noob.  I used to be fitter than my sister, but less technically capable.  Well, this time, I was definitely lagging in both areas!  I'm glad the MTB has so many gears- I sure needed them.  That's what 20+ extra kilos will do, I guess...

We ended up doing about 50 minutes in total, and by the end I was having a fantastic time.  Still not riding anywhere near as confidently as I had been pre-pregnancy, but loving the feeling of riding, the wintry forest air, and so on.

Chip spent my ride sleeping in the stroller again, so we thought we could probably get away with a quick trip to the pub.  Forgetting of course that of COURSE we could get away with a trip to the pub.  Chip LOVES pubs, and has barely cried in his three pub visits so far...

Yep, he's our son....

The pub was a bit too exciting after a bit for a wee baby, so we had a feed in the car before driving home for bath/feed/bed, while the boys braved Hamilton on the night of an All Blacks game, and came home bearing bentos!