Saturday, March 31, 2007

Guess who opened a huuuge can o' whoopass?

Someone opened a can of whoopass today, and it wasn't me. Before I tell the story, I'll get to the punchline. A big fat PW. 1:59:05. 4 1/2 minutes slower than my first. 16 1/2 slower than my best.

I don't have an explanation. I didn't blow out. I didn't misjudge my RPE and take it too easy (there was nothing left to kick at the end- nothing). The start was slow, and I tried to make it up slowly, but it wasn't happening. After 7k, each k got longer and longer and I saw my target slipping further and further away even though I felt strong(ish) and I was still passing people (including this trainer from my gym who has never beaten me- I plan on keeping it that way!) I said goodbye to 1:45 when I hit 10k in 54 odd minutes, and realised I was exactly 1k behind plan when I hit 11 in just under an hour. I thought of Jodi and Rachel, 70.3ing today and hoped that some of my lost mojo was making its way to them!

All I can say is that the trails kicked my butt- they opened that can, and instead of standing up to them, I stepped back and I took it. I struggled with running on an uneven surface and on a slope. I really struggled clambering up a sandy hill (but I didn't walk, like one of the guys I passed. Phew!) I struggled with the humidity, and the absence of my usual nemesis, wind. I would love to run in that forest again- a long training run, perhaps- expectation free. That way I could really enjoy myself. I would love to buy me some trail shoes and get into trail running. I know trail running is a different kettle of fish compared to road running, but I was expecting a fast, fun run today and just scraping sub-2:00 only a few days after my 5k near-PB is a touch demoralising. I am MARATHON training, yet for the first time ever both my 5k and my 10k are BETTER than my half time???

I found out after the race that the course had changed significantly since last year. I think the winning man was 13 minutes slower, and the winning woman (who I know is a faster runner than last year's winner) was I think 6 or 7 minutes slower. My friend K finished in 1:34 last year, and 1:46 (I think) this year. We don't know if it was longer, harder, just a slow day. I saw a girl who I've seen finish in 2:10ish finishing after 2:30. This made me feel better at the time, but it's not helping much now. Right now I'm feeling a little sad.

BUT. Onwards and upwards. We spent a lovely day reading on the deck and lounging on the beach. Right now I'm eating filled pasta and drinking a quiet G&T by myself (Cheers, Wes!). Then, when P gets home we're off to a party- theme is S&A. I was thinking "athletes", but I'm now leaning towards "sunburn". I still can't wait for Rotorua, and I still don't feel like sub-4 has completely slipped away. If my 20-miler goes badly, I will reassess seriously, but for now...

PS- one interesting observation: I ran sans-tunes today, and noticed just how much harder the people with music were breathing compared to those who weren't. Not being able to hear your breath is a great distraction!

Friday, March 30, 2007


Tuesday's race was a mixed blessing. Why couldn't I have run a 22:50? Under 23, but not "speedster" territory?! I had a look at my old 5k times, and saw that my first flat 5k race was 22:44. The Tuesday before I set my half PR of 1:42:35.

So now, on the eve of my tune-up half, I am nervous. I feel like I have something to prove.

But then I think of that 10k. You can't run 1:42 if you're killing yourself to do 49:03 in the 10k. So, I have nothing to prove. I'm not bad, but I'm not in that low 1:40s, getting closer to speedster-land, kind of shape. No!

I have to get rid of these delusions of grandeur!

The goal tomorrow remains to break 1:50. I truly hope I can- ever since I went below 1:50, I haven't been back (since the 1:42 I've run 1:49.xx and 1:47.04), so it would be nice to keep it that way. I feel like I should be able to- I've run a 1:56 in training, my legs are feeling ok, and after Thursday's sad tempo run, I feel like I've recovered from the speed overload on Monday and Tuesday. I don't know what the course is like- although it should be gorgeous. A lot is offroad, and undulating, but it seems to be reasonably fast- I know of PBs being set on that course, people breaking 1:30 for the first time, etc etc.

"First 2.3k is on firm but undulating track

Next 4.5 good wide surface not undulating except for 500mtrs.

Next 200mtrs soft but not too soft

Next 4.7K ( AG is 11.7k) the surface is good, undulating in places.

Next 2k. track narrows in places for 1k. one or two only a breast with a slight hill, the surface is softer in places.

Next 7.7k wide /hard surface /flat/fast"

So, the harder stuff is all in the first 9 miles, with the last 5ish miles being "flat and fast". This means I should really work at taking it easy to start with- pushing a bit uphill, and easing off downhill- the last thing I want is a twisted ankle, and this approach has worked well in undulating courses. There are markers every k, so I should be aiming to average 5ish minutes between markers, then pushing for the last few ks if I have it in me. I want to be in a good position for the narrow bit (about 8 miles in), but not in a place where I have to push. I don't want to be passing, but I don't want to be held up either.

I'm going to carry sports beans, wear my zoot top and lycra shorts (pockets and no chaffing). No GPS (Forest...), no music (it just doesn't feel like a race for gadgets- you'll see what I mean if you check out the site). I will use my HRM, since this is an experiment as well as a race. And I will put it straight onto stop watch!

Anyway, time to finish my pasta. It's way late considering I have to meet my friend at 6!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A lesson learned and a pb?

Tonight I was excited to be able to run the local 5k I missed out on last week. I felt amazing yesterday, so I couldn't wait, though my legs felt tighter as tighter last night and today, and I started getting insanely nervous at about 3pm! My stomach churned and I could feel my heart beating far more wildly than I expected. Speed always makes me nervous- I stress out before speed and tempo runs, and I honestly think I was as nervous before this 5k as I will be before my marathon! (we'll see) I'd packed a couple of alternatives, but decided to run in my Scottish singlet- if I couldn't run fast, I'd at least look serious!

I registered and chatted with friends before the race started. Should have warmed up, but didn't. They told us the course was changing, so there would be a detour and the turn around would come sooner than usual. Yay! Definitely a psychological boost! I took off a little fast, but settled into a conservative pace and watched people get further and further ahead of me. My goal was about 22:30 (my first "old Kate" 5k time) but I would have been happy to go sub-23. I had my eye on a colleague of P's who's times suggested she'd be doing about that pace. She was miles ahead of me early on, but I could see A near her, so I told myself she had gone out too fast and that I would catch up. I glanced at my GPS very occasionally, and checked my watch at 500m, and saw 2:17. OK if I kept that pace, but slower than my usual first 500m! I kept on.

I was really feeling my legs, and I was pretty knackered already! Saw P and A on their way back, both looking good, and sure enough P's colleague wasn't far ahead when I finally got to the turn around. I was shocked to see 10:44 a few seconds on from the turn around- I felt like I was picking up, not like I'd rabbited off. I kept trying to catch up to P's colleague. We were both working hard, and the gap was only closing very slowly. But other people had stopped passing me, and I felt strong (strong in a completely shattered sort of way anyway!)

Coming up to the 4.5k mark I looked at my watch again and saw 19:xx. I knew I would take around 2mins to finish and was so excited to think I was going to beat my goal and smash my pb (which is 22:04). Breaking 22? A dream come true! I was gaining on my target, and she knew it, so she picked up. I sat on her tail, then kicked out. We sprinted together to the end, with girl guides screaming us on (very random, but tons of fun). In the end she passed the line a fraction ahead of me. I'm not fussed- she's uber-competitive, and I know she wasn't expecting me there, and that I threw her a bit. It came down to the fact that I couldn't face making a sideways movement to get past, so it was all elbows! Plus I couldn't quite find the finish line. Moved to the side, checked my watch- 21:40!! (minus a few seconds at the end) Was that course short? No- P did the same, A was slower than last week... So I broke 22, a killer PB- all in all a brilliant come back race??!!


Cut to 15 minutes later, A and I standing with P's colleague and a new race buddy (E). A toasts my new PB. E asks for the time and I tell him. He says "But you were behind me" I twig. As E is saying "I don't want to burst your bubble, but..." P's colleague says "Wow- if we'd done 21:40 I'd be amazed!"

I was using my HRM and had been looking at the "exercise time" function instead of stopwatch!!! D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actual time was somewhere below 22:34 when I stopped my watch. I am hoping the official time comes below 22:30- I think it should.

I am still pretty happy with this race. Sub 21:40 never seemed right to me, even with the 10:44 first half. My first half would actually have been closer to 11:30, which means my second half was pretty darn good! I used my GPS and HRM but didn't focus on the numbers. My max HR was only 193, which was surprising, but my average was 183, which to me suggests that I was fairly consistent (in RTV last week my average was lower and my max was higher). Listened to Freddy Mercury on the MP3 and finished on my theme for the season- don't stop me now.

I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go go go
There's no stopping me

I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man of you

Don't stop me now- Kate is BACK!

PS- Go Wes!!! You have been such a great support to me and I am so excited by your first half!

Update: official time 22:21- cool! 5th= overall woman (very small field- I was guaranteed top 10!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Silver linings

My plan has gotten a bit mucked up this week.

FIRST called for 3 x 1600 this week, which was awesome as I had my eye on a casual local 5k after work. My team from Sunday was planning to do it, and I worked out a few handicaps for us to compete- winner gets beer, or something. A had to break 21:00, P just had to keep himself below 20:00, M had to break 21:45 and I had to break 22:30 (I think I was a little hard on myself- 23:00 would have been challenge enough!)

Unfortunately, it was not to be. C reminded me in the morning that I had agreed to run with her after work- to help her with a fast paced run. Grr. Stupid Kate! I didn't mind helping C, I like helping her, and I like running with her- I just really wanted to race! So C and I did 12k after work, averaging about 9:40 pace). I'm still not convinced that I am working her hard enough- I judt don't know how to push her. I met up with the others after they'd had their beers. M was the winner of the handicap competition, he smashed his goal by doing 20:36! But P was the first of them to finish (19:57- my boy is amazing) and A was the first woman OVERALL!! Woohoo! She also got a decent PB (21:12- previous PB was 21:30ish, I think) so she has a lot to be proud of. I also found out that I would almost certainly have placed.


But every cloud has a silver lining, and doing a 5k last night would have meant I couldn't do my replacement speedwork this morning. I decided to switch the 3 x 1600 to next week, to encourage me to do the 5k race next Tuesday, and instead did 10 x 400 (except I was running late so did 8 x 400). I felt pretty good. Some of my intervals were a bit over, but I have calculated my 400m equivalent. Here we go:


How fast am I?? So fast I can't even see me ;-)

My legs were killing me by laps 7 and 8, but looking at my splits I can see why.

This is the first time my splits have been accurate, so I can't do any realistic comparison. Maybe I'm not faster than I was. I also had a tail wind every time. Cheater. I don't care. It's worth it to see sub-6:00 pace. I kick butt.

Incidentally- I know it's bad to do my long runs too fast and my tempo runs too slow. But what about speedwork? Is it bad to go under pace, or should I keep trying push the intervals down? I've been assuming speedwork is for going hard, and I'm not going *too* hard..

I am going to try to do my tempo run Thursday night or Friday morning. A bit naughty, as it will mean several days in a row of running, but I don't want to miss another tempo session, and my long run this weekend will be at a veeeery easy pace. I think it will be OK. I still have 5 weeks to go, and I will not be doing hard XT over the next few days. So unless anyone tells me very strongly not to, I am going to fit my key runs in.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Round the Vines 10k race report

Man, I need to update that sidebar!

Today P and I, my friend A and her colleague M set out to Martinborough (a gorgeous little town about an hour's drive out of Welly) to compete in one of its major events, Round the Vines. It is a fundraiser for the local school, has 21k and 10k run and walk options, and features wine, grapes and other yummy fruit at the drink stops as you run through vineyards and along the roads (which I have never yet been able to enjoy- I always "race" it). Last year our team won, which was awesome! I had an abysmal race as it was hot and yucky and my tum was going bonkers. It was the first time I walked in a race, and
actually marked the begin of my training troubles from last year.

This year my goal was to race smart and to break 50. It's been so long since I did a standalone running race (Harbour Capital half in June last year!), and I find the course quite slow, as it can be windy, there are lots of sharp corners and a lot is offroad. I decided to see how running with GPS and HRM worked for me- an experiment to decide how I kit myself for the half in a couple of weeks and for the big-M next month (eek!).

The race ended up being windy and rainy, which was awesome for me. I definitely achieved my goal of racing smart- possibly too conservatively! The k markers were all out of whack (3:58 for the first k? Yeah right!) and they show a terrible positive split (try 4 minutes!) but this was not right at all. The ks came out something like this (I wasn't using the lap function):

1- 3:58
2&3- 14:38
4: 19:xx
5: 23:04
6: 28:00
7: 32:25
8: 37:25
9: 43:02
10: 49:02

I KNOW that I did not run the first 5k in 23 and the second in 26! I also know I did not run the last k in 6 minutes- I had set my GPS to beep when I fell below 5:00/k pace and it didn't beep once in that k. This was quite frustrating for me, as I felt confident in my ability to come in under 49 when I got to the 8 and 9k markers. I should have used my GPS distance more, but it sits on my upper arm, and it was much easier just to check the pace. I also should have looked at my watch over the last 200m. I could easily have shaved those 2 stupid seconds. On the whole I liked using my GPS. It mostly only beeped on corners, but every so often I would slack off and have to pick up the pace and I did find it helped. Especially with the screwy markers. I will use it again at the Great Forest- probably set the beeps for a 1:50 pace, which is a little conservative, I hope! I might try to use the lap function too.

I didn't really feel warmed up until about 5k, and I passed people consistently from then on (mostly 10kers, though there were some slow half-ers in there too). Passing people from 7 to 10 felt great, and I felt strong and smart, if not fast.

So, I achieved both goals and got a standalone 10k PB (my PB was actually in a half!) I was a bit sad to be the slowpoke in the team (the others were between 44:50 and 45:50), but an entire team of fast men beat us all so I didn't feel I'd let them down. A ran 45:05 for second place, which is awesome, and also made me feel better. Last year she ran 43:44 for 4th, so maybe it was harder this year? 4 minutes over 10k is a lot, but A and P both have much faster 10ks in their legs. I also picked up a lot of pace on the road, so I think a road 10k would have been faster too. In any case, no more whining. I did good.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Week 7 to go

First: MY BOY ROCKS. P did his second ever standalone 5k and broke 20:00! The first time doesn't count as he was pacing me until I blew up and sent him on his merry way.

Week 7-to-go gets a 7 out of 10, so far.

1- I entered two races. The Great Forest Half on 31 March and the Rotorua Marathon! Yes- week 7-to-go is a bit late! Especially since we booked our accommodation in February! I also have a 10k this weekend- it's not a race I like much (too hot, and the paddocks are too hard to run on) but it's fun from a social point of view, and there;s wine on the course. I'd like to run under 50, and I should, but we'll see. Even if I do a good PB I will be the team tortoise! A is my speedy training bud, and her friend M also does a 5k under 22:00. P is the last member of our little team. Riiight. No pressure! I might try to add a 5k one Tuesday, so I can cover all the distances.

2- Speedwork: OK. I get a B- for it. The workout was 1k, 2k, 1k, 1k with 400m rest intervals. I played with my borrowed toy (GPS) and was excited to see that my distance markers are quite accurate (or at least identically inaccurate to the GPS). Going by the markers, GPS says the distances were 1:00 (4:40), 2:02 (9:16), 1:01 (4:22), 1:01 (4:43). Laps 1, 3 and 4 are the same stretch- laps 1 and 4 going into the wind and lap 3 with it behind me. Lap 2 was different- 1k out and back from the end of my lap 1 rest. It was pretty windy too! My goal pace is 7:15, which means about 4:30/k. So I missed pace pretty badly. BUT when I had the wind behind me I was under, so I am thinking that wind was strong! Also, when I look at my Macmillan paces, these were within the range for long-distance runners (I have used 1:47 and 1:50 half marathons as my base values). So not toooo bad. But I could and should have done better.

3- Tempo: is being fudged again this week. 10k on Sunday. Will tru to add 3miles by warming and cooling, but can't promise! I will be vigilant about tempo from now on!

4- Long run: 13 mi before work this morning. Awesome run! The GPS (which I had set to ks after speedwork instead of miles which I prefer when I go long) only picked up 20k but I did at least 22. The first 18.5 km (downhill and flat) took 1:38:50 for 8:32 pace, but the last hill killed me, so my average pace was more like 8:40. It's a darn steep hill! I was keeping 8:00 pace on the easy bits of hill, but on the steep bits it was another story all together (they used this hill for the World Mountain Running Champs last year- though they ran a MUCH harder way up!) I'm pretty pleased with this and am looking forward to my half. From now on, I'm following the programme for my long runs!

5- My new shoes came. running warehouse you ROCK. I was so pleased with the service and I can't wait to break in my new adrenalines. SUCH a bargain for this kiwi.

6- Paying our credit cards. And then enjoying a romantic dinner to celebrate each of us, and "us" too. (my credit card is no longer paid, but it will be paid for good soon)

It's all official now

Event Entered: Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon, 5km & 10km Fun Runs
Category Entered: Marathon Run
Event Date: 28 Apr 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long Slooooow Distance

Time on feet. That's what counts.

Today's 16 miles were veeery sloow. C had also been sick last week, and was having stomach issues on Sunday. Having been sick myself, I didn't really mind the eeeasy pace, and my average HR was a little higher than expected. Despite all this, it was quite a *good* run, though the Furman Institute would be slapping me on the back of the hand for missing pace in a biiig way (11:30 average pace over my goal of 9:36-9:54!!!!! though I averaged easily sub-9 for my first, solo miles). And I was reminded that 3 hours on your feet is much harder than 2 1/2, whether you're going at 9:09 or 12:00!

Good things:

Playing with a borrowed GPS for the first time. Fun fun!
Catching up on C's news and sharing mine- it's been awhile
Watching the elites warming up for the time trial in the Women's Tour of NZ
Staying on my feet for 3+ hours for the first time in nearly a year
Finishing strong, and easily putting some speed on (max for the push was 5:39 pace)
Walking in the ocean on the way back to the cafe
Stealing P's eggs and kransky when I realised they were better than my bagel

OK, time to roast veges and then nap. 6 hours of sleep wasn't enough for me after the last week. We may head out to watch the criterium this afternoon. Then Masters tonight. Fun!

PS- Hehe, P is riding his trainer in front of the TV.. When I came back from my ice bath and shower he was enjoying watching the criterium in the Trust House Classic. But what picked his pace up? The theme to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

PPS- Why is P's HR so much lower than mine when his max is so much higher? How can he be THAT much fitter? I seriously do NOT GET IT. I understand natural strength and speed, but pure fitness?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

She's back

Sorry about that self-indulgent negativity the other day. I thought about not posting, but then I wouldn't be honest. I want people reading my blog, especially those newer at this than me to see what we all feel like at times. Although I don't enjoy reading about other people's struggles, it is good to see my idols and all those super heroes out there feel slow and fat and creaky at times. And THANKS everyone for the wonderful amazing supportive comments and superb advice- I love you guys!

But I'm back. I started to feel better on Tuesday evening when I sat on my trainer just after posting. I sat there in my denim skirt and t-shirt just moving my legs for 10 minutes or so. After dinner, P and I rode "properly" (I changed to bike shorts and put my HRM on). I kept the cadence moderate, gear easy, and HR low. After 30 minutes I was finding it harder to control my HR so I stopped. Easy.

Yesterday I went back to work. I was a bit peaky for some of the day, but felt better by the end of the day, and enjoyed a colleague's farewell dinner. I didn't work out, but walked home after dinner and met my target steps for the day (workplace activity challenge). I think that letting the activity challenge team down was one of the things contributing to my mood on Monday and Tuesday!

This morning I went for an easy 2kish swim in the 50m pool. I was slowish and the lanes were all out of whack so it was a frustrating morning. Not to mention the rudeness of the people I was sharing with- stopping mid length, passing and then slowing down, passing slowly and blocking me in, all those things that are just rude. And yes- most of my grumbles today focus on rude passing, not on slow old ladies! That's partly because I am still getting my swim back and partly because of the lanes. I did my 500 w/up in 10:10 and was doing 100s in roughly 1:50-2:00. Not fishy fast, but usually this sort of pace puts me in the middle of the medium lane/back of the fast lane at the pool (back of the medium lane at Masters!).

Today I was being passed left, right and centre by Mr and Ms Fake Tan. Mr and Ms Fake Tan were the worst pool manners breachers. They're the ones who stopped for a lane rope chat- like two old biddies over a garden fence. I heard Ms Fake Tan breaststroke up to someone in the slow lane and say "Could you swim normal please? I can't pass if we are both doing breaststroke!" WTF? I know how frustrating it is when the fast lanes are fast and the medium lanes are fast and normally fastish people have to swim with the slowpokes. But the slow lane is there for breaststroke. What was he supposed to do?

After work I did my speedwork on the treadmill so I am still on track FIRST wise. The gym was so hot and stuffy. My 10 minute warm up (at 9:36/pace) made me sweat, although my HR was fine. The first mile interval (7:13) almost killed me, and the second interval finished the job off. 2 miles, 14:47 (ouch!!) and I felt like throwing up at the end. I had to do a lot of visualisation to get through- all the people on the stairclimbers became Marathon racers who I picked off one by one over the last two miles.

I thought about going outside to do the remaining (2*800) intervals, and just approximating the 800, but then talked to myself and reminded myself that although Rotorua will probably not be stuffy, it will hurt for all sorts of reasons, so buck up. Turns out the perfect warm up for 800s is a couple of nasty long intervals. I'd barely started when I saw I was at 400m. Hmm. There's room in this treadmill yet. Up. Up. Up. I was going at 6:00 pace when I finished each of the 800s, and did them in 3:25 and 3:23 respectively. Not too shabby. I wish I'd pumped the pace up earlier.

Eating yummy salad now, then heading out on an ice cream date with my honey. It's all good.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Has anyone seen this girl?

**warning- uber dooper negative post below. come back next week if you prefer sunny Kate

I'm sure I remember seeing her, but she feels really far away now.

Taking yesterday off wasn't quite enough to nip this in the bud, so have been off today as well. Off everything- off work, of my morning swim, off a planned date with my man. Just not off the couch.

The upshot of this is that I'm feeling slobbish and sluggish. I'm bored which means I'm eating heaps and badly. I'm tired which means I'm not exercising. And what can I do about it? It feels like the answer is "nothing." It's a frustrating cycle- the more I rest, the more lethargic I am. How much of the tiredness is sickness and how much is just plain, bog standard tiredness? How much is laziness? Why ME? Why cannot I not balance work with training? Neither my work weeks nor my training weeks have been that big. Everyone else is pulling down 14 hour weeks while juggling fulltime work and 2.4 kids. Plus what is the deal with the FOOD? Why is it that I can't just eat smart without counting? I don't want to count during m-thon training, but I don't want to be dragging 10 extra pounds around the lake in Rotorua. I badly need a kickstart, foodwise.

I tried to do a relaxed walk today, just to get some fresh air and hopefully pick up some energy, but even that was tough. I can't see speedwork tomorrow happening. Fortunately, I can still just barely keep my eye on the prize, as my long run is on Sunday (which means I have til Friday to do the speedwork).

Sorry for moaning. I hope the old Kate is back soon. I miss her!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

I realised how much I love Sunday evenings.
Last night I got home from Masters to find pumpkin roasting and chicken baking, ready for the next couple of days of salads. I chopped fruit, organised snacks, planned my training for the week and set out my running gear for this morning. Then P and I settled down on the couch to watch Click (not the greatest, but an important message for a sometimes workaholic like me).

On Sunday evenings I look forward to the week ahead. I feel like I can be healthy for the week. I look forward to getting the hard workouts in, to nailing the deadlines at work, to striking that balance right. It all turns to pot after Sunday- by Wednesday, getting up after a hurried dinner to wash dishes and chop more pumpkin is unthinkable- but that Sunday evening feeling is great.

I'm home from work today. I fell off the end of my lane for the first time last night. When I looked at the times they weren't so bad (50s in 45/43/41, 100s around 1:50-2:00), but I was struggling. Red faced, laboured breathing. Combined with the ear popping of Saturday's long run, it should have been a sign. But this idiot decided to get up at 5:30 for her tempo run this morning. 2mi easy (more like 1.5, down the hill), 3 tempo, 2 easy. I did the first 2.5k in 13:20, feeling my breath struggling with every step. I realised how big the headwind was when I did the second 2.5k in 12:27, for an acceptable 5k (8:18). But I felt rotten, so I came home, rinsed off in the shower and crawled back to bed. I'm really hoping that a day of rest, fruit, fluid and vitamins will nip this thing in the bud before it fully develops. A bad cold is the absolute last thing I need right now!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A little bit AWOL

I can't believe I haven't posted since my last long run!
It has been another tiring week- travelling and big deadlines for work, slow and exhausting runs and heaps of time spent getting ready for our good friends' wedding today!

Today was a different story- sort of. I felt like rubbish when I started my 12mi run. Not a good sign for holding 9:29 pace, given my sloow long run last week and my abysmal "tempo" run on Monday (awful! my pace for the 8mi was over 9:00s- I can't even remember by how much!). But it was a great day, and somehow my legs and my music got me through. I thought I was going well, so I freaked a little when I got to what I thought was the 6 mile mark in 58:34. WTF? But I've just got home and looked at the map again, and the landmark was for 7, not 6! That's 8:20s! I was meeting P at 9 miles (over a big hill), and was stoked to get there in 1:19 (8:46 pace). I lost some pace running with P- it was getting hotter, and we chatted. But we still got home (the last 15 minutes is uphill, yuck) in 1:50, which is about 9:15. I'm not quite sure why we lost so much pace, but I know I could have held the pace I had been doing despite the heat, and would have expected to still come in under 9:00, even with the hill. Oh well. I think I am getting sick, which is not surprising, given the last couple of weeks. Quite congested and my ears were all blocked and horrible when I got home.

So, I think I've kinda made up for the bad tempo run on Monday- I did 8mi at the suggested tempo pace (slower than usual "tempo") today.

My other run for the week was 400s. I felt pretty tired, and was really p*ssed that I couldn't get under 1:45. The distance was definitely not short though, and when I tried a different approximately 200m there and back interval I was coming in under 1:40. I think maybe the first was sliiightly long and I'm positive the second one was a bit short! (I was using map my run and running on a slightly undulating and kinda windy stretch by the beach) So once I looked at my pace charts and re-checked the map I felt a bit better.

I have been trying to just focus on my key runs this week, so other workouts have just been a swim and a trainer ride. Both were pretty good, especially the ride. We did an hour of spinervals base building, and for once my cadence was at the right level without me having to cheat!